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About Gordon Choi

My name is Gordon Choi.

I have been working in the IT / Internet industry since year 2000. I formerly worked at Ctrip.com and Alibaba.com (which were 2 of the largest Internet companies in China) where I was responsible for Search Marketing, Analytics and Website Operations.

I have been providing Internet related consulting, strategies and services to global and local Chinese companies for years. I have managed projects that involve hundreds of millions of dollar, and have managed and worked with teams of people based in different countries.

I have lived in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Johannesburg and Cape Town, but I have spent the last 8 years living in Shanghai.

Gordon Choi Speaking in Conferences

I have spoken in a few Internet related conferences in recent years.

Gordon Choi at WAW China

Gordon Choi's Books

Books that I have written:

  • How to Work Remotely (free for download)
  • Coming soon... (please be patient)

Gordon Choi's Real Case Studies Sharing

I have collected real case studies which I have worked in the past that are related to:

  • SEO projects
  • PPC optimization
  • Web Analytics

The best part is that I am sharing all these with you.

Gordon Choi Recommends Internet Marketing Books

If you are interested in Internet marketing, search engines and web analytics, I recommend you read some of these books which include topics in:

  • Web Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • PPC Advertising and Optimization (i.e. Paid Search)
  • Website Design Principles
  • Website Usability Tests
  • Landing Page Tests & Optimization
  • Database Design Principles