Baidu PPC Conversion Tracking

Advertising on Baidu requires you to track the performance (ROI) of your marketing budgets. Baidu PPC Phoenix Nest now offers conversion tracking tool through the “Tools” option:

    Baidu PPC Conversion Tracking Under Tools Option

Add Baidu PPC Conversion Tracking Goals

To set up Baidu PPC conversion tracking, add a new goal through the conversion tracking tool. Enter:

  • Your site’s URL
  • The goal’s name
  • The goal’s URL (for example, purchase confirmation page)
  • The URL matching (exact match or regular expression)
    Add a New Baidu PPC Conversion Tracking Goal

Baidu PPC’s Conversion Tracking Tool’s Tracking Methods

Baidu PPC’s conversion tracking can track your website’s conversions through one of the two methods of your choice:

  • Auto-tagging: Baidu automatically appends the parameter “bdclkid =XXXXXX” to all your Baidu Phoenix Nest PPC URLs. For auto-tagging to work, your site must allow parameters in URLs.
  • Cookie Tracking: Baidu drops cookies to all the visitors to your website from your Baidu Phoenix Nest PPC URLs. For cookie tracking to correctly report conversions, visitors’ browsers must accept cookies, and visitors must not delete cookies from their browsers before conversions are made.

Baidu Conversion Tracking Code Snippet

Get the conversion tracking code snippet from your Baidu Phoenix Nest account and insert the code snippet within the open and close body tags of your purchase confirmation page / thank you page. An example of the conversion code snippet:

    Baidu PPC Conversion Tracking Code Snippet

If you optimize your Baidu PPC campaigns for driving visitors to make “purchase” through your site, this code snippet’s purpose is to track the number of successful purchase on your site.

Stop Baidu PPC Conversion Tracking

Baidu PPC’s conversion tracking can be disabled in one of the two ways:

  • Stop tracking all types of conversions that you have created by completely disabling the conversion tracking tool.
  • Disable each conversion tracking goal that you have defined/created.

Alternatives to Baidu PPC’s Conversion Tracking

Consider Baidu Analytics and/or Google Analytics:

  • Baidu Analytics: If you aren’t using Google Analytics but need to monitor your Baidu SEO traffic and Baidu PPC traffic, set up and use Baidu Analytics in conjunction with Baidu PPC’s conversion tracking tool.
  • Google Analytics: If you are already monitoring web traffic of your site through Google Analytics and don’t want to insert additional codes (for example, Baidu PPC’s conversion tracking codes) into your purchase confirmation pages, Google Analytics PPC conversion tracking is an alternative option for tracking your website’s PPC conversions.

Trends to Conversion Tracking

Baidu’s launch of conversion tracking tool is no surprise as the PPC trends are becoming more performance-based. Several years ago, the big 3 search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing all have made conversion tracking available to their PPC platforms Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Adcenter respectively:


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