Best Google SEO Resources

The search engine optimization articles are great SEO resources for beginners regarding the topics below.

  • Domain Names
  • Web Hosting
  • Keyword Research
  • Site Architecture
  • URL Structure
  • Site Navigation
  • Canonicalization
  • Content Duplication
  • Linking Building
  • Paid Link Issues
  • Google Penalties
  • SEO Geo-targeting
  • Social Media for SEO
  • SEO for Blogs
  • Universal Search
  • Google Sitelinks
  • SEO’s Future

SEO for Beginners

Optimize your website for Google organic search traffic.

Choosing Domain Names for Your Web Site

Before creating your website, the first step is to pick a domain name that will work for your potential customers and the search engines.

Keyword Research

Keyword research forms a big part in search engine optimization. You want to know how to find, analyze, prioritize and organize your keywords.

Site Architecture & Site Navigation

Your website’s navigational structure needs to make sense to both the users and to Google.

Changing Domains & Moving Web Hosting Services

When you have to change your site’s domain names or move your website’s hosting:

URL Structure, Canonicalization, and Duplicate Contents

As your website’s content grows, you risk creating duplicate contents.

Link Building

Google evaluates the trust of your site by looking at the high quality incoming links pointing to your web site.

Issues on Paid Links

Google dislikes paid links as they ruin the natural equilibrium of Google’s PageRank and link popularity systems.

Google Penalties

Google may algorithmically or manually apply penalties to some sites suspected of “spammy” activities. The penalized websites are prevented from ranking high in the SERP.

Rel=”Nofollow”, Robots.txt, META Robots, Sitemap.xml and Sitemaps

Ensure you know how to use Robots.txt and Sitemaps to communicate with Google.

SEO Geo-targeting

Often you want to optimize your website to target multiple countries with unique contents to each targeted geo-location.

Leverage Social Media for SEO

SEO for Blogs

Everything you need to know about optimizing your blog for search engines: SEO techniques for blogs, WordPress plugins, blog search engines, and blog comment anti-spam.

SEO for Google Universal Search and Sitelinks

Optimize your contents for Google’s Universal Search to increase your website’s traffic.

Run Your Own SEO Business

Staffs you need for your SEO team, how you get new clients your SEO proposals, and how you bring values to your existing clients.

Build and Maintain Your Own Website

Create your own site and make money out of it. You will still have to regularly maintain it.

Future of SEO

Aaron Wall, Stephen Noton and others talked about the future of SEO.

Comprehensive SEO Resources

You may want to further comprehensive search engine optimization reading.

Other facts related to the Internet

Other facts that we should consider when we’re working in the Internet world.


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  1. Diolt on January 25th, 2010 6:16 am

    SEO is more of a set of guidelines that can be implemented in a way that allows for individual site customization.

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