Blekko Slashtag Search Engine, is a slashtag search engine (or Web 2.0 search engine), based in Silicon Valley, that offers vertical search (or topical search).

About Blekko

  • Blekko was created in 2007 by founders of DMOZ (the open directory) and Topix, including CEO Rich Skrenta.
  • Blekko was opened to public users (out-of-Beta) in October 2010.
  • Blekko is crawling over 200 million web pages per day with 3 billion pages in total.
  • Blekko refreshes the SERP from minutes for homepages of very popular news sites to 2 weeks for other much less visited sites.
  • Blekko received 30 million search queries in January 2011.

Blekko’s web search bill of rights includes:

  • Search shall be open
  • Search results shall involve people
  • Ranking data shall not be kept secret
  • Web data shall be readily available
  • There is no one-size-fits-all for search
  • Advanced search shall be accessible
  • Search engine tools shall be open to all
  • Search & community go hand-in-hand
  • Spam does not belong in search results
  • Privacy of searchers shall not be violated

Blekko’s ScoutJet Web Crawler

Blekko search engine’s web crawler/spider is called Scoutjet.

To block Blekko’s Scoutjet from crawling/indexing your site, include the following instructions in your site’s Robots.txt file:

User-agent: ScoutJet
Disallow: /
Allow: /public

Review the search engine crawler instructions in Baidu Robots.txt.

Blekko Search Engine’s Architecture/System

Read Write Web explains the search engine has top-notch technologies as Blekko has created an architecture/system that allows processing massive data sets in a very dynamic way.

  • Blekko built a decentralized architecture/system that are simple to write and debug, in which the crawling, analysis and delivery of results could use a single data store and a set of programming primitives.
  • Each of Blekko’s server is configured identically, assigned with no special roles. All servers are running CentOS.
  • Enter this into your browser’s address bar: By repeatedly refreshing Blekko’s search results page, the new web pages crawled by ScoutJet will show up on the fly, within a couple of seconds. Even Google’s Caffeine (or Google’s next generation search engine) doesn’t have this fast refreshing rate.

How to Search with Slashtags on

Search on Blekko through slashtag search commands in the formats:

"your search query" /slashtag
"your search query" /slashtag /slashtag

Blekko offers built-in slashtags, including:

  • /date – Sorts web pages in descending order by date.
  • /map – Returns a map location of a specific search query.
  • /amazon or / – Searches content from a specific site that have Blekko’s API enabled. e.g. seth godin /amazon
  • /link – Displays all the site linking to a specific domain / web page (URL) and is similar to Google’s command.
  • /rank – Provides summary views of websites/pages that rank for the specific search query.
  • /seo – Shows the SEO factors that contribute to a site’s organic search ranking on Blekko.

Blekko allows you to search your Facebook “Likes” if you connect your Facebook account to Blekko:

Danny Sullivan explains how Blekko works and differs to Google and other conventional search engines.

  • Blekko allows the use of slashtags in search queries that represents a collection of websites on particular topics.
  • Blekko’s slashtags are actually vertical search – Both Google and Bing offer vertical search in key niches, but Blekko can offer vertical search in much wider range of topics by grouping each topic through slashtags.
  • Blekko allows searching with built-in slashtags.
  • Big search engines’ (Google’s and Bing’s) indexes have tens of billions of documents which make the search results much more comprehensive than Blekko for very specific search queries.
  • Blekko reveals the organic search algorithm by offering SEO reports to the public (which are similar reports in Google Webmaster Tools and/or Bing Webmaster Tools) – Blekko’s site ranking factors include domain name of the site, anchor/link text pointing at the web page, page title tags, and web page’s URLs, which are SEO factors included in Google’s, Yahoo’s and Bing’s search algorithms.

Blekko CEO Rich Skrenta offers his top 3 Blekko searches that can’t be done on Google:

  • Search for links to yourself by time i.e. /link /date
  • Search for sites in a Google ad network with an Adsense ID i.e. techcrunch /adsense
  • Search for coverage of a certain topic over a certain period of time by a certain media sector, such as an initial coverage of Cuil to see if people predicted that it too was doomed cuil/dr=2008/techblogs

Blekko to Remove Web Spams

Blekko decided to remove a list of websites that have participated in creating content farm spams from showing up in’s organic search results.

Blekko’s Mobile Search on iPhone, Android

For mobile search, Blekko launched mobile applications for iPhone and Android.

  • The app offers a simple interface for users to view search results that are sorted by most relevant and by date.
  • The app allows searching for topics by slashtags.
  • Suggested slashtags are displayed for each search in the app.
  • “Mark as Spam”, “View SEO info”, “Add to Slashtags” and “Open in Safari” options are available next to each individual search result.


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  1. Andre on June 27th, 2011 7:35 am

    How do you submit a site to Blekko aka ScoutJet? They have instructions on how to prevent them from crawling your site, but they don’t appear to have any means to submit a site for inclusion.

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