Bing Adcenter Free Clicks

Bing offers free clicks to Adcenter advertisers: Spend USD250-499 to get USD50 credits of free clicks Spend USD500-749 to get USD100 credits of free clicks Spend USD750 to get USD200 credits of free clicks Bing Adcenter advertisers will have to meet the conditions below to qualify for the free credits: Receive and respond to Bing […]

Bing Adcenter PPC Optimization, Yahoo PPC to Adcenter Tips

Microsoft Bing Adcenter updated the Bing-Yahoo Search alliance by announcing all US/Canada-based search ads have been moved to run in Bing’s Adcenter search ad auction system from Yahoo Search Marketing. The transition of Yahoo Search ad serving to Microsoft Advertising adCenter is now complete. Thanks for everything you’ve done to prepare for this transition. Your […]

Adcenter Conversion Tracking

The new Bing-Yahoo Search Alliance will require Yahoo Search Marketing advertisers to move to Bing’s PPC platform, Adcenter, manage PPC campaigns through Adcenter Desktop Tool, and track Bing PPC’s performance through Adcenter Conversion Tracking tool. Measure with Adcenter Conversion Tracking Tool Measure your Bing PPC’s marketing spend through Adcenter conversion tracking tool, which can identify: […]

Bing-Yahoo Search Alliance Update

Microsoft and Yahoo have given an update about the Bing-Yahoo search platform merge by putting up a video on the Search Alliance site. Bing Organic Search Algorithm, Bing Paid Search Algorithm The Bing search algorithm that Microsoft manages will power both Yahoo and Bing after the search platform merge. Microsoft will manage the technology platforms […]

Microsoft AdCenter Desktop

The Microsoft-Yahoo search deal will soon allow Bing/Yahoo to become the search engine with the second largest global search traffic, with Yahoo Search Marketing / Bing AdCenter advertisers managing the PPC search engine campaigns through Microsoft’s AdCenter paid search system. Microsoft AdCenter Desktop is a free desktop application/tool provided by Microsoft/MSN for managing your Bing/AdCenter […]

Google Tests Bing Adcenter PPC

Google put up PPC ads on Microsoft Bing Adcenter. A PPC ad for Google Flight Tracker shows up on Bing’s sponsor links when you search for “flights”: A click on the ad takes you to the introduction video of Google’s Flight Tracker: Google Assessing Microsoft Adcenter PPC Ads’ Quality and Bing’s Search Volume Buying PPC […]

Microsoft Adcenter New Conversion Counting Options

Microsoft Adcenter has improved conversion tracking by allowing you 3 new conversion counting options. The new options will allow you to specify how your events should be counted. Option 1: One conversion per click Adcenter only counts the first conversion to occur after a click. Any subsequent conversions from the same click will be ignored. […]

Adcenter Renamed to Microsoft Online LP

Microsoft renamed its paid search platform Adcenter to Microsoft Online, L.P. yesterday. Microsoft Online, L.P. is the contracting entity that publishes your adCenter advertisements on Live Search and the Microsoft network. On July 1, 2008, Microsoft Online, L.P., will assign all rights and obligations in the Microsoft adCenter Terms and Conditions, and any amendments thereto, […]

Microsoft Adcenter QuickLaunch

Microsoft has started offering QuickLaunch service to its PPC advertising platform Adcenter, according to the Adcenter Blog last week. By spending at least $500 per month, you will get the benefits below: You will have your new campaign created from scratch by your dedicated expert. You will get assistance by specialist on Adcenter tutorials. Your […]

Microsoft Adding Ask Sponsored Listings To AdManager

Microsoft has included Ask Sponsored Listings to its AdManager Service on Office Live. Previously, Live Search and MSN networks were the only two ad distribution options, in which advertisers must buy ads via Microsoft Adcenter. Now small businesses can purchase and manage paid search ads through AdManager, which is a simple interface. To help your […]

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