Google Adwords Conversions 1-per-click, Conversions Many-per-click, Conversion Rate Larger Than 100%

If you have set up and enabled Adwords conversion tracking for your Google Adwords campaigns, you may occasionally see keywords with conversion rates that are larger than 100%. Why Adwords Conversion Rates Can Be Larger Than 100%? It is possible to have Adwords conversion rate that is larger than 100% and Google official explains how […]

Google Adwords Longer Ad Headline

Google can automatically make your top ranked Adwords ads more attractive to searchers – Your Adwords ad’s description line 1 can be moved up to append in your ad’s headline/title. Top ranked ads appear above the search results, often with the headline followed by one line that joins Description Line 1 and Description Line 2 […]

Adwords Broad Match Modifier

Google launched Adwords broad match modifier, a keyword match type different to broad match and phrase match, to advertisers. Issues with Broad Match Keywords, Negative Keywords Google offers Adwords broad match keywords and Adwords negative keywords which have issues narrowing down irrelevant keywords: Broad match in Adwords has capabilities equal to expanded broad match that […]

Adwords Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Google offers dynamic keyword insertion (DKI), an advanced Adwords feature to help advertisers automate ad text creation. Adwords dynamic keyword insertion allows you to minimize the time you spend manually creating and managing your ad groups, while targeting users with effective and relevant ads. Adwords advertisers with large number of products can use dynamic keyword […]

Adwords Negative Keywords

Google offers negative keywords as a keyword match type to filter out unwanted/irrelevant impressions that may have been triggered by Adwords broad match keywords. When applying the appropriate negative keywords, you reduce your cost-per-click (CPC) and increase your ROI. Negative keywords can be applied to ad groups and/or campaigns of your Google Adwords account. You […]

Google Makes Adwords Conversion Optimizer Available to More Campaigns

Google has lowered the requirements for using Adwords Conversion Optimizer, a CPA-based bidding feature, again. Now any campaign that has generated at least 15 conversions (rather than 50 conversions) in the past 30 days is eligible to run on Adwords Conversion Optimizer. Google recently made it possible to import your Google Analytics goals to your […]

Adwords Broad Match Keywords

Using broad match keywords in your Google Adwords account allows your ads to be shown to a vast number of user search queries and is the easiest way to maximize click volume. The downside is that you may have been over-spending on some irrelevant search queries that could never convert. Understand How Broad Match Works […]

Google Adwords Quality Score

Google’s pay-per-click advertising system Adwords determines ad ranks by applying advertisers’ keyword bids (cost-per-click) and by evaluating quality. To master Adwords, you will need to first understand Google’s Quality Score algorithm. Google’s Official Guides on Adwords Quality Score Adwords Quality Score is calculated every time your keyword is eligible to trigger an ad and the […]

Google Adwords Search Ad Auction System

Search ads on Google and the Search Network are constantly in auction. The position of a keyword-targeted ad is based on its Ad Rank. Ad Rank = CPC Bid x Quality Score CPC Bid is the Maximum Cost-per-click (Max. CPC) you are willing to pay for a single click when your keyword triggers your ad. […]

Adwords Trademark Keywords

“A good brand name should be protected (or at least protectable) under trademark law.” – With PPC, your brand name is your trademark, so protecting your trademark on Google Adwords is absolutely necessary! Increase your ad inventories with your trademark A search with your brand name as keyword on Google, your web site will […]

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