Send Weibo Messages through Baidu Box Computing

For microblogging in China, Baidu offers a way for weibo (Chinese microblog) users to send weibo messages directly from Baidu’s search engine results pages (SERP) through Baidu Box Computing. How to Send Weibo Messages on Baidu? Search for “send weibo” in Chinese: Baidu displays a box on the SERP for you to authorize and […]

Nasdaq: BIDU Baidu Share Prices

Chinese search engine Baidu’s business model is similar to that of Google’s. Baidu major revenue depends on how much advertising budget that are spent through Baidu’s paid search auction system. On 1 Dec 2009, Baidu retires the old PPC system (Classic Edition) and switches over to the new system (Phoenix Nest). Baidu (Nasdaq: BIDU)’s share […]

Baidu Search Engine Ranked Third in Asia Pacific

When setting up China’s PPC strategies or other Asia-Pacific countries’ PPC strategies, search market share of each search engine should be one of the factors to consider. According a recent research report by, below are the top 10 search engines in the Asia-Pacific region in April 2008: Google Sites: 39.1% Yahoo Sites: 24.0% […]

5 Popular Baidu Vertical Projects

Baidu has been the leader of search market share in China on multiple search verticals. In recent years, its newly launched projects (or verticals) are also gradually becoming more and more popular and are growing Baidu’s user base. Internet in China may still be on the stage of mostly providing entertainment. Baidu is definitely at […]

Baidu Dominates Chinese News Search

Baidu is still the leader in Chinese News search by the end of June 2007 with 69.3% in total search market share. Sogou’s news search took over Netease ( in late Q2 to become second. Google China also had a significant increase in Q2, despite the decrease of search market share of its English site. […]

Baidu Leading China Search Market Share In 5 Verticals

According to iResearch, Baidu is the search engine market share leader in December 2006 in the following 5 major verticals (or categories): Web Search News Search Image Search Music Search Map Search Search Market Share on Web Search Baidu: 66.3% Google: 18.1% Yahoo!: 6.0% Tencent: 4.3% Sogou: 1.8% Other: 3.4% Search Market Share on News […]

Baidu is a New Chinese Verb

Baidu seems to be making itself not simply a brand in China, but also a new Chinese word. On Baidu’s search button, it was used to simply say “Baidu Search”, but it has been changed to say “Let’s Baidu”. Baidu may be making itself a Chinese word and may be following the trend of Google […]

Baidu Doubles Revenues in Q1 2007 released its 2007 Q1 financial report on Thursday. Baidu’s total revenue increased to 275.6 million yuan, representing a year-on-year increase of 103.3%. Baidu generated 85,5 million yuan in net income, which is a 142.6% year-on-year increase. Baidu had over 112,000 active advertising customers in the first quarter of 2007, which is a 3.7% increase […]

200So.Com Pirates

Baidu has been pirated by a site called Does it look really similar to Baidu? For those who need to be reminded how the real Baidu looks like, this is the home page, On top of that, I ran a few search queries on and its search results are identical to Baidu’s search […]

Baidu Homepage

Chinese search engine launched its new homepage last month. The major changes are the inclusion of the login link on the top right corner (which is similar to Google’s) and a link to Baidu Space (which is a popular social networking space rolled out last year). It is suspected the changes are to make […]

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