English Blogs on China Internet, Business, Culture, Travel

I came across several English blogs and community about China that cover: All China-related aggregated topics Leisure, entertainment, food and travel in China Life and Culture in China Business in China China’s Internet Chinese “web” glossary Aggregated (All) China Topics Haohao Report – China blogs, news, pictures and videos on travel, business, technology, current event, […]

List of Popular Chinese Websites

The number of China’s Internet users has grown to 420 million, 31.6% of China’s total population, in 2010. Below is a list of the popular Chinese sites with web addresses (URLs), including Chinese search engines, Chinese SNS and Chinese B2C websites. Search Engines Baidu: www.baidu.com Google China: www.google.com.hk Sogou: www.sogou.com Tencent Soso: www.soso.com Yahoo China: […]

China C2C Battle Between Taobao and Baidu

Taobao and Baidu finally started their battle in late 2008. Alibaba group’s Taobao is well known as the number one C2C site with Alipay being the first choice online payment mechanism in China. However, Baidu entered the C2C competition by launching Youa with Baifubao as the payment mechanism. Taobao Stops Baidu SEO, Baidu PPC Taobao […]

Koubei.com Merges with Yahoo China

Koubei.com is to merge with Yahoo China (cn.yahoo.com). Yahoo China, a Chinese search engine, is a site owned by one of China’s largest Internet companies Alibaba group. Koubei.com, the popular Hangzhou based site, is a life community that focuses on classifieds related to: Real estate property renting search Local restaurants search Entertainment venues search Koubei.com’s […]

Chinese Websites Go Black and White

The major Chinese websites turned the main theme (color) of their home pages into black and white today for the memories of victims who died in the earthquake on 12 May 2008. Sites participated in the mourning include search engines like Baidu, Google China, and Yahoo China, portals such as Sina and Sohu, and China’s […]

Google and Sina Ready To Compete Against Baidu?

Google and Sina announced a partnership in China last week. In short, Google will power Sina’s natural search results, which will allow Google to gain search market share in China. According to iResearch, Google’s web search market share in China was 18.1% which was behind baidu’s 66.3% in December 2006. In return, Sina will become […]

Skype Launches SkypeFind Service

Skype launched SkypeFind, a new product that is embedded in Skype’s latest version SkypeFind is an online local yellow page service that will help users to easily find contact numbers and addresses of local businesses, including hotels in Shanghai, and restaurants in Beijing. Skype is promoting the Skype Find service on Skype’s two official […]

Taobao Introduces Refund System

China’s largest customers-to-customers site Taobao.com rolled out a refund system last week, hoping it will reduce fraudulent activities from dishonest online sellers and reduce the risks for online buyers. The system is to enforce all sellers to submit a mandatory deposit before selling. This deposit will be refunded to buyers in the case where sellers […]

Taobao Dominates Chinese Online Payment Market

Alibaba’s customer-to-customer site Taobao has recently dominated the individual online user transaction market in China, with almost 80% of market share. With more and more Chinese Internet users making their ways in utilizing online shopping, we are seeing higher online transaction volumes each day on Taobao. In December 2006, the daily spend of Chinese consumers […]

eBay China Employees Fighting Against Agreement Deal to TOM Online

A problem has arisen recently with eBay, which has signed an agreement with TOM Online on 20 December 2006 for a joint venture agreement in China. According to the agreement, the 2 companies will combine expertise and a joint investment to build a new China marketplace mainly for mobile operations and electronic commerce. The new […]

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