Google Search Disruptions in China

Before Google’s announcement to exit China, Google China used to censor organic search results and prevent certain search results (that was considered inappropriate according to China’s Internet laws before March 2010) from showing up on Google when users searched from within Mainland China. Google’s decision was to redirect all China-based search users from to […]

Google Creative Sandbox Shanghai

Google held the Creative Sandbox show in Shanghai on 11 November 2011. The Creative Sandbox show is Google’s technology event in which Google products including Android, Chrome, Analytics, Search, Geo, Youtube and Google Plus were demonstrated. Quick Response (QR) code as invitation code was required to enter Google’s Creative Sandbox show at the venue, 800 […] Links to Music Search, Translation Tool, Product Search

Google China’s Home Page now offers direct links to Google Music Search, Google Translate and Google Product Search, which are Chinese versions of Google’s localized tools and services for Chinese users. Most part of the landing page of remains an image, except the three links to Google Music Search, Google Translate and Google […]

Google China Home Page Returns

Google China’s web search home page is operational to Chinese web search users again. landing page In March 2010, Google was to exit China and end Chinese operations. Then, Google China redirected web searches to and closed officially. returns to Chinese web users as a landing page with a large […]

Google China Redirects Web Search to, Closes

Google is to exit China by closing and redirects all web searches from China to, Google’s Hong Kong web search home page, after Google has stopped censorship on was originally customized for Hong Kong’s Internet users with Traditional Chinese language homepage and interface. Google has set up three different language versions […]

How Censorship Works

For to operate in China, Google has to comply with government laws and censor certain search results from showing up to search engine users. Besides business reasons, censorship may be the biggest “value” clash for Google to exit China. How Google Censorship Works Google’s search algorithm is able to exclude web materials from appearing […]

Google Exits China, Ends Chinese Operations, Can Baidu Replace Google

Google again shows signs to exit China. In January 2010, Google disclosed the large scale attack on its infrastructure and made an official announcement to stop search result censorship on and in China. The cyber attack has been traced to two Chinese schools. Google China’s Exit Speculations Google’s latest exit signs in March’s news […]

Show More Results Links on Google China

Google has started to display expandable “Show More Results” links within the organic search results, as reported by The “Show More Results” links are also available within the search engine result pages of the chinese version of Google ( or After clicking on the “plus” sign of the “Show More Results” link, it […]

Google Music Search

Google’s launch of Music Search in China finally has become official. Over a year ago, Google made a soft-launch. Google China’s Music Search offers a song screener for those of you who do not have any specific songs of choice in mind. The song screener really looks like “bubble” tag clouds. Using the right side […]

Google Acquires

Google is to purchase, a startup page of Chinese website links (or piloting or daohang). has been a partner site with since last year and Google’s search box has been positioned at a prominent spot on Previously, Google did launch its own daohang (or startup page of website links), but it is […]

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