Google Panda Algorithm

Google’s Panda Algorithm was first rolled out in February 2011 to hit large content farms by lowering the rankings of web pages with high bounce rates and low quality external links. Google Panda Algorithm to Affect Content Farm Sites When the Panda Algorithm lowers a website’s ranking in Google’s search engine results pages (SERP), the […]

HTTP Status Codes, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx

A HTTP status code is returned by your server in response when a request is made to your server for a web page on your website. Examples are: When a user accesses the web page in a browser. When a search engine spider (e.g. Googlebot) crawls the web page. HTTP status codes are of 5 […]

Top 10 Google Search Algorithm Changes in 500 Updates

How Google ranks organic search results is determined by over 200 ranking algorithmic factors in Google’s search algorithms and Google offers guidelines and search technology overview to webmasters. Google makes about 500 organic search algorithm updates in a year and here are the top 10 search algorithm changes in 2011 are: Cross-language information retrieval updates: […]

Google Mega Sitelinks

Google put Mega Sitelinks in search engine results pages (SERP) for selected websites during Beta-testing. The recent launch of Google Mega Sitelinks for selected websites was spotted by Hobo SEO for sites including: Webmaster World Hobo SEO Google Sitelinks are now available to all websites that are eligible for Google Sitelinks, as confirmed by Danny […]

Add Google +1 Button to Websites

Google +1 Button is now available for webmasters to add to websites: Google +1 Buttons on your web pages allow visitors to your site to recommend your content to other people. Google’s +1 annotations currently show up in SERP in US English language’s Google +1 button is available in 4 different sizes: 15px […]

Google PageRank Sculpting

PageRank Sculpting used to be one of the SEO techniques for webmasters to control link juice flow with nofollow attribute and to increase Google PageRank at the link level of web pages. Google PageRank Sculpting Revised How Google PageRank Flows between Web Pages: A decay factor of 10-15% loss applies to each time PageRank (link […]

Google +1 Button Setup, Google +1 on SEO, Adwords

Google has made the +1 Button feature available on web search. Google’s +1 Button is similar to the Facebook’s Like button which allows users to vote up content within Google’s search engine results pages (SERP). Google’s +1 Button allows you to share recommendations to others and receive recommendations from others. Google +1 is one of […]

Content Farm Spams, Google Search Algorithm Update

Google offered a reply to the recent content farm sites’ search engine spam issues. What are Content Farm Sites? Content farms are large quantities of low quality content that can spam search engine results. Content farm sites are intended to: Acquire visitors from search queries through search engines Drive the search engine visitors to click […]

Google SEO Beginners Guide Update

Google re-launched the SEO starter guide for SEO beginners with new updates that include: Glossary that define terms in the guide New examples in image format alongside the content Search engine optimization guidelines for mobile devices Google’s new SEO guide does not directly mentioned how to increase Google Pagerank, but focuses search engine friendliness by […]

Google Instant Examples

Google Instant on starts with a search box at the top of the web search screen: Type your search query in the search box while “Instant is on”: Google Instant Example: PPC Bully With search query “PPC” in Google’s search box, followed by “b” and space, Google Instant returns organic search results and Adwords […]

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