Top PPC Tips from’s Geordie puts up a compilation of the best PPC blog posts from that include categories: Adwords and general PPC tips Online marketing advice Facebook ads PPC consulting Opinion and comment Landing page help Product and service reviews Gordon Choi’s Blog has also put up lists of PPC/SEO/SEM blogs over the past several years: […]

PPC Optimization Tips

PPC optimization for 3 different paid search marketing systems: Google Adwords, Bing Adcenter and Baidu Phoenix Nest. Google Adwords: Google offers the most comprehensive PPC platform that allows optimization and reaches the largest audience in the world. Bing Adcenter: Bing-Yahoo Alliance has the second largest audience reach in the US. Baidu Phoenix Nest: Baidu allows […]

Kenshoo Search New Feature Release Notes

Kenshoo Search is a powerful system to help ppc specialists to manage/run and maximize ROI of global ppc campaigns including Google Adwords, Bing Adcenter, Yahoo Search Marketing, Facebook ads and local ppc campaigns including Baidu Phoenix Nest and Yandex. Basic features that are already included in Kenshoo Search: Keyword Expansion Tracking / Reporting PPC Management […]

Kenshoo Search

Kenshoo Search is one of the most comprehensive platforms for paid search engine marketing (SEM/PPC). Through API, Kenshoo Search can support automatic bidding, keyword conversion tracking, reporting and management for the major search engines: Google Adwords Bing Adcenter Yahoo Search Marketing Baidu Phoenix Nest Yandex Facebook To maximize search engine marketing’s ROI and efficiency, Kenshoo […]

PPC Metrics

PPC auction systems (Adwords, Adcenter, Baidu PPC, Yahoo Search Marketing and 2nd tier PPC search engines) are run on a set of measurable PPC metrics. Let us look at the definitions for the major PPC metrics that are different from Google Analytics metrics. Click Impression Cost Click Through Rate (CTR) Maximum Cost-per-click (Max. CPC) Average […]

Global PPC Team Structure

Global companies with multiple markets across the world can be spending enormous marketing budgets on Google Adwords. However, only by setting up the optimal structure for the inhouse PPC teams, it will allow the search marketing specialists’ expertise to be fully applied. We are to examine the pros and cons of the 3 PPC team […]

Inhouse PPC Team

Paid search teams operate differently as inhouse (within a large corporation) and within a search marketing agency. Roles of members who are required in an inhouse PPC team are also slightly different to those of an agency. Paid search marketing challenges in 2008 are no less than those in the previous years, and being able […]

PPC Ad Copy Writing

Over the years, one of the important positions within an effective PPC campaign management team is the professional ad copy writer position. By having professional adcopy writing, a PPC campaign can effectively be improved on the metrics below: CTR A well-written ad can generate more clicks over the same number of impressions. So it effectively […]

PPC Marketing Specialists

In the fast growing industry of search engine marketing, it is difficult for employers to hire and keep the experienced paid search professionals as they are both expensive and short in demand. While moving quickly from companies to companies, PPC specialists may find themselves having issues on adaptations. PPC specialists with 2 years of experience […]

Post Holiday PPC Strategies

Setting up effective strategies to create seasonal PPC campaigns before the big holiday season is an important factor for success. After the holiday season, below are the steps to adjust your PPC campaigns. Extract reports and necessary data from both the PPC search engine platforms and your own datacenter. Review the performance of your paid […]

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