Clash of the Titans in 2006, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft

The tech war 2012 was about the competition among Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon. Early in 2006 Vinny Lingham (the former Clicks2Customers CSO and the current Yola CEO) wrote this article the Clash of the Titans (A Fresh Perspective) which predicted about how the three search giants (Google, Yahoo and Microsoft) were about to compete […]

Travel Search Engines, Travel Websites

Travel websites are one type of B2C websites. Travelers can search for the availability and prices on hotel rooms, flight tickets, and hotel + flight + car package deals on online travel websites: Vertical Travel Search Travel sites are available as vertical […]

2006 Search Industry Changes Recap

It has been a year of changes in the search industry in 2006, as many major updates were implemented by the search engines, either purely for keeping the competitiveness of their PPC programs or as strategies of an entire company. The major changes include: Google Google implemented 3 major updates on Adwords to combat search […] Powers Lycos Search Algorithms

On 1 November, the 4th-ranked search engine started to power the entire Lycos network including both Lycos organic and paid search, which were territories previously owned by MSN and Google, respectively. All the current advertisers on Lycos’s PPC platform, InSite AdBuyer, are to transfer to Ask Sponsored Listings platform. My belief is that the […]

Ranking on Organic Search Results

Several years ago I have had a client asking me to submit his website search engines. His website was not newly created at the time, though it wasn’t showed up on organic search results. The client wasn’t even aware of the existence of PPC ads. It took me a bit of explanation and education to […]

Ask Challenges Google Search Algorithm

Google has been dominating player in the search industry for years mainly due to its superiority on returning the most relevant search results. This leaves all other search engines mountains to climb. However, seems to have figured out a new strategy in gaining search market share from Google., the search engine formely called […]

Prevents Search History Privacy Leak

Have you ever imagined your favorite search engine is collecting data about your search behavior? This is why you get free services from search engines. For instance with Google just to name a few, you can sign up for a free email account (Gmail), a personalized search account (Google Personalized Search), a desktop search on […]

Google Search vs Yahoo Content

Google focuses on search with Google’s search algorithm always getting continuous improvement. Google’s subdomains of products has been building up Google’s user database. Yahoo Search Algorithm vs Google Search Algorithm Yahoo is building its content through numerous acquisitions of innovative business startups in the Internet space. Yahoo search algorithm has been improving by “copying” many […]

Searchers Prefer Longer Keyword Phrases

More Internet searchers tend to prefer using longer keyword phrases when doing searches on search engines. Most people use 2 word keyword phrases in search engines. Searches on 3 word keyword phrases have slightly increased from July 2005 to July 2006 (See below, a report from From a year ago, searches on 1 and […]

Searcher Behavior

Understanding Internet searcher behavior is an essential aspect of both effective SEO and PPC advertising, as Internet searchers interact with search engines in different ways. Interactive Local Media of the Kelsey Group has performed an interesting research about the behaviors of Internet searchers. Email is still the number one primary daily activity of Internet users […]

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