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WAW China Hangzhou 2016 (Gordon Choi)

Over the recent years I have spoken in a few Internet conferences including WAW China, Clickz Live & Guoping's private events. In between some events are actual workshops in which I trained people on web analytics and search engines.

WAW China Shanghai July 2016 site old to new

How to become a Data Analyst in the Mobile Internet Era?

Basic Skills:

Industry Knowledge:

Self/Critical Thinking Ability for Analysis:

Learning Ability:

And finally, spend your time doing something useful!

WAW China Hangzhou April 2016

Mobile App Transactions

Mobile Analytics Basics and Major Issues

WAW China Beijing April 2015

Data: Collection, Reporting, Analysis

A modified version of the materials that was presented at WAW Shanghai in March 2015: Mobile SEO for Chinese Websites & Analytics

WAW China Shanghai March 2015

Traffic Source into One Single Data Warehouse

How to Leverage Mobile Search Traffic in China?

Guoping’s Private Event Hangzhou March 2015

I have shared my views and some cases for China’s many exporting businesses on how they can make good use of Google AdWords, why mobile search is important and how mobile search traffic can be leveraged.

Search Engine Marketing Workshop Hong Kong September 2014

I presented a workshop to an audience size of over 20 on search engine marketing. The workshop materials include:

Web Analytics Essentials Workshop at Clickz Live Shanghai 2012

I presented the Web Analytics Essentials workshop to an audience size of over 20 at Clickz. The workshop materials include:

Social Media Tracking Tools at Clickz Live Shanghai 2012

Tools to track social media include: Google Analytics, URL shorteners, and social influence measurement tools.

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