Google Creative Sandbox Shanghai

Google held the Creative Sandbox show in Shanghai on 11 November 2011. The Creative Sandbox show is Google’s technology event in which Google products including Android, Chrome, Analytics, Search, Geo, Youtube and Google Plus were demonstrated.

Quick Response (QR) code as invitation code was required to enter Google’s Creative Sandbox show at the venue, 800 Show:

    Invitation Code to Creative Sandbox

Creative Sandbox’s venue map:

    Creative Sandbox's Venue Map

Google Analytics offers multi-channel funnel to track assisted conversions alongside goals/conversions:

    Google Analytics

Chrome, Google’s browser:

    Google Chrome

Google Pluses on World Map:

    Google Plus on World Map

Google+ Huddle:

    Google Plus Huddle

Google Search’s “Watch this Space”:

    Image Search

More on Google Search’s “Watch this Space”:

    More on Image Search

The live band at the stage:

    Stage and Live Band

Google’s Bar offers drinks and alcohol:

    Bar Table

Glass of different colors on Google’s Bar table:

    Glass at Bar

The rest area by Youtube:

    You Tube at Creative Sandbox

The 10-pin bowling game:

    10-pin Bowling Game

The maze games:

    Maze Game


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