Google Instant Previews Inflates Google Analytics Visits

Google Instant allows you to see search results when searching (typing in Google’s search box). Google Instant examples show 5 examples of how Google Instant works.

Google Instant Previews

Google Instant Preview feature was launched to show the graphical view of a web page in Google’s search results, before you click on the search result and be taken to the web page.

Google Analytics Over-reports Visits, Pageviews

Google Instant Previews cause Google Analytics to over-report visit and pageview data to your sites:

  • A user searches on Google and your web page appears in Google’s SERP
  • The user hovers the Preview icon next to your site’s search results and Google Instant Preview displays a graphical view of your web page
  • Google Analytics records the visit and pageview

Discussions on Webmaster World forum and Google Analytics forum have confirmed the visit and pageview inflation was caused by Google Instant Previews:

Google Analytics Over-reporting Fixed

Google Analytics is not over-reporting visit and pageview data triggered by Google Instant Previews as the technical issue was fixed. However, Google Analytics would not reprocess your historical, over-reported visits and pageviews.


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