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Google’s launch of Music Search in China finally has become official. Over a year ago, Google made a soft-launch.

    Google Music Search

Google China’s Music Search offers a song screener for those of you who do not have any specific songs of choice in mind. The song screener really looks like “bubble” tag clouds. Using the right side menu, you can fine-tune the quality of the sound, select the type of artists, and so on.

    Bubble-like Song Selector Panel

Pointing your mouse to one of the bubbles, you will be shown several options: to play song, to download and more.

    Song Bubble

Once you click on the play song online button, your song player will pop up. All the songs you have previously played online always appear under the “My Music” folder.

    Playing Songs

Besides songs in Chinese, songs in other languages such as English, Japanese and Korean are also available. However, some of the songs can only be played online and have no MP3 available for download.

    Song not available for download

Google’s music search is a free service only for users reside in Mainland China. If you reside outside of China, or your IP address appears to be outside of China, you will have no access to this free service.

Baidu has been hosting a similar MP3 search for many years.

    Baidu MP3 Search

At the moment Google’s music search only provides limited number of songs from 4 record labels (EMI, Universal, Warner and Sony), while Baidu already has over hundreds of millions of songs available for download. Also, a search on Baidu’s MP3 search gives you multiple download links of the same song. Different file formats (e.g. mp3, wma) of the same songs are often available on Baidu.

Baidu’s music search has been one of the key search verticals in growing and retaining its large Chinese user base. This reflects on Baidu’s search market share in China for being over 60%, while Google only has about 26%.

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