Kenshoo Search

Kenshoo Search is one of the most comprehensive platforms for paid search engine marketing (SEM/PPC). Through API, Kenshoo Search can support automatic bidding, keyword conversion tracking, reporting and management for the major search engines:

To maximize search engine marketing’s ROI and efficiency, Kenshoo Search offers features including:

  • Keyword Expansion
  • Tracking / Reporting
  • PPC Management
  • Crawler
  • Bid Management

Kenshoo Search Keyword Expansion

Keyword expansion in Kenshoo Search system:

  • Create keyword lists related to your industries through Kenshoo Search. Normally you have to use SEM keyword research tools.
  • Keyword expansion automatically adds new keywords to relevant ad groups according to ROI / conversion goals.

Kenshoo Search Tracking / Reporting

Keyword conversion tracking and reporting in Kenshoo Search system:

  • Create customized dashboard reports including all the PPC metrics.
  • Geographical origins of all clicks to your PPC campaigns are monitored.
  • Path To Conversion and keyword conversion attribution – Kenshoo Search’s Path To Conversion tracks the entire click-conversion path (from the first click to the conversion) across multiple search engines. Conversion credit weights are distributed to keywords in the click-conversion path according to your pre-defined keyword conversion attribution setup.
  • Allow reporting of cost-related data in multiple currencies.
  • Search query report (e.g. Adwords search query report – Google is the first search engine to provide PPC search query report)
  • Track multiple conversion goals and then use conversion goal values for rule-based and/or model-based bid optimization.
  • Import Google Analytics goal data into Kenshoo Search for optimization.
  • Universal Channels – Kenshoo Search’s Universal Channels track clicks and goal conversions for non-API enabled search engines (e.g. Tencent’s Soso PPC) and non search engine based text/display advertising platforms.

Kenshoo Search PPC Management

PPC campaign management in Kenshoo Search system:

  • Data is synchronized between Kenshoo Search and the search engines’ systems, including Google Adwords, Bing Adcenter, Yahoo Search Marketing, Baidu PPC and Yandex.
  • Categories and Dimensions – Define dimensions and group your campaigns into categories.
  • Advanced Search – Run add, delete, pause, modify or move operations on campaigns, ad groups, ads or keywords that are automatically selected by Kenshoo Search’s Advanced Search based on your criteria.
  • Download/export campaign data to spreadsheets, make changes and upload/import to Kenshoo Search. Adwords Editor, Microsoft Adcenter Desktop and Baidu PPC Editor offer similar features.

Kenshoo Search Crawler

Crawler in Kenshoo Search system:

  • Crawler – Updates PPC campaign data (e.g. ads, keywords) based on real-time changes to content/inventory on B2C websites. Google offers Adwords dynamic keyword insertion, but is unable to connect with inventory/content changes of your site.
  • Run ad A/B testing to meet conversion goal and/or ROI criteria.

Kenshoo Search Bid Management

Run automatic bid policies on your PPC campaigns:

  • Rule-based bid policy (MBBP) – Submit conversion goal values (ROI) with a set of rules (including cost, clicks, impressions, cost-per-action, revenue) and Kenshoo Search’s auto bidding system will achieve the ROI. Google offers a similar automatic bid optimization tool – Adwords conversion optimizer.
  • Model-based bid policy (MBBP) – Kenshoo Search’s bidding algorithm creates a behavioral model of keywords over time, finds the ideal position for each keyword, and meets requirements to cost and conversion goals. For keywords with low performance, Kenshoo Search uses a different bidding algorithm, principle of similarity.

Kenshoo Search New Feature Releases

Here are the lists of:

Kenshoo Search’s News

Kenshoo Search system’s progress in business and technologies:


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  4. Chris Zaharias on November 11th, 2011 12:47 am

    Hey Gordon – I just came across this summary of Kenshoo after having read your take on this SEM platform-related question on Quora:

    Sounds like you’ve managed as much SEM spend as some tools providers. I also liked your review of Vinny’s 2006 post on Google’s strategic advantage over Y! & Bing – so true.

    Hope our paths cross sometime in the future.

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