LinkedIn Self Branding Strategies is a social networking site for professionals. You can easily self-brand yourself on the LinkedIn platform.


Create your personal profile, which can be used very much like an online resume (or CV). Besides your current job, the jobs you have participated in the past and your educations / qualifications, you can also fill in a summary, and honors and awards. There is this website section available, so that you can enter your company’s web address and your personal blog’s URL, should you have one.

    Gordon Choi LinkedIn Profile

There is an advantage to SEO your LinkedIn profile. You can use your LinkedIn profile to complement your personal blog in the SERP. A keyword search on my name “Gordon Choi” returns my PPC blog at positions 1 and 2, but also returns my LinkedIn profile at positions 5 and 6.

    LinkedIn profile in Google SERP

You can even place PPC ads on Google pointing to your personal Linkedin Profile page:

Remember to also upload your photo to improve credibility.

Network Expansion

The purpose of being on LinkedIn is that you want to be within a network of people. Once you have your profile created, you should send invitation to connect to people you know. How LinkedIn works is that once you have connected to your colleagues, friends, and business partners, you will be able to further expand your network by connecting to their colleagues, friends, and business partners. So at a later stage, the more “contacts” you have on LinkedIn, the easier for you to get connected to more people.


Get recommended by people you have worked with – managers, colleagues, and clients can be the most appropriate references to write recommendations about the work you have involved in the past. This can help your possible future employers and other people when considering you being one of the candidates.

“Gordon is an exceptional paid search professional. His knowledge, experience and insights, together with high work ethic, were applied to a successful leadership of a 16 person strong paid search team. He is a rare talent in the PPC field.”

October 19, 2007 – Michael Leeman, Director, Clicks2Customers, Inc.

Answers and Q/A

Participate in linkedIn Answers and Q/A on topics of your expertise. This can certainly be a good way to show your expertise to your future references.

Company Page

As an individual LinkedIn user, you can’t do much about the content on the company page. However, the company page does display employees who are more active in engaging with other users. You should also enable notifications on your profile and status changes, if you want to possibly have your name shown more often on the company page.

Other Benefits

Besides branding yourself and expanding your networks, you can also find out industry and/or company news your colleagues / friends / business partners have been reading and discuss the topics with them.

    Discover news colleagues reading

As entrepreneurs, you can join LinkedIn user-created groups and discover new business partnerships and opportunities of your industries.

Other than all the above, on your profile page there is this one field right under your name (which appears at the top) called “Your Professional Headline”. From time to time, I have seen some extremely interesting and creative professional headlines written by other LinkedIn users:

  • Man of leisure
  • Senior Manager looking for a challenge
  • Call me a media person

I would love to know if they receive more daily views because of their creative headlines! I went for a conventional, boring and appropriate professional headline that simply says “Head of PPC at”.


According to this report of, ranked in the top 10 of all social networks in February 2008, with competitions from the highly popular social network sites such as Facebook and Myspace.

Other Social Network Sites

Previously, I have also listed other social media marketing opportunities.


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  1. Peter Robert Casey on November 1st, 2008 2:52 am

    Good article for those starting to use the tool. Way to go Gordon.

  2. Kally on May 19th, 2009 9:16 am


    I customized my address, but when I google search my name the old URL appears. How is this updated?


  3. Kent on October 30th, 2009 1:22 pm

    Just added you as a connection, hope you can approve it.

    Thank you, I’m your ?? now

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