Microsoft Live Search Powers Chinese Search Engine 114

Microsoft is to increase search market share in China by powering China Telecom’s new search engine called 114 ( through the new Windows Live Search (later changed to Microsoft Bing search engine).

The 114 search engine provides web search and 4 search verticals:

  • Forum search
  • Blog search
  • News search
  • Yellowpages
    China Telecom 114 Search Engine

Microsoft currently trails far behind Baidu, Google China, Yahoo China, Sogou and iAsk with less than 1% of China’s search market:

Search engine revenues generated through the 114 search engine will be shared by China’s Telecom (70%) and Microsoft (30%),

In 2007, 70% revenues will go to China’s Telecom and 30% to Microsoft.
In 2007, 50% revenues will go to China’s Telecom and 50% to Microsoft.

Microsoft will also pay China Telecom an once-off income of 21 million US dollar (unconfirmed figure). Microsoft will be tabbing into China Telecom’s customer base of 25 million broadband users and over 80 million Internet users.


2 Responses to “Microsoft Live Search Powers Chinese Search Engine 114”

  1. Pete on October 26th, 2008 4:40 am

    I found this item while trying to find out why, in China, I keep getting this page instead of the one I am asking for. When pages are blocked here – in this instance a quite innocent one researching a lake in Italy I visited many years ago for scenic spots – as often as not you’re referred to a ‘safe’ page. This is something of an improvement on many I’ve had in the past which were covered in links including some with thumbnails to photosets which verged on soft porn. (Funny how China tries to keep the rest of the world away from its internet users; it might be better keeping its own internet away from the rest of the world. Adware, ripped music, movies and software, ads for pyramid job schemes that are strictly illegal (and very damaging) here and yes, soft porn are all here in abundance. Odd on what is probably the most monitored net area in the world. They can pick up on the word ‘democracy’ it seems but are at a loss when it comes to deal with the stuff they claim to really being against in policing the network and the true criminal element). Anyway, I’ve just reported 114 to Microsoft as a phishing site. More reports like that and perhaps MS will start to choose its bedfellows more wisely…

  2. ray on October 27th, 2010 5:41 am

    but it doesnt work, can i have my google back please, at least that us in English

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