Optimize Landing Pages

A landing page is an active web page where potential customers directly land on when they click your PPC (pay-per-click) ad. High quality landing pages help improving your PPC conversion rate, and hence reducing your overall PPC cost. Landing page optimization is one of the major factors in Google Adwords PPC optimization.

Google Adwords Landing Page Quality Score

Besides Google Adwords Quality Score, Google Adwords algorithm assigns a landing page quality score to each of your PPC landing page (destination URL) in your Adwords account.

Google determines landing page quality score by evaluating both the destination URLs of both your ad and your keyword. Each of your keyword’s landing page quality score is visible in your Adwords account. The landing page quality score is based on the average quality of the landing pages in the ad group and of any landing pages in the rest of the account with the same domain.

High Quality Landing Page and Low Quality Landing Page

Google explains what may have caused low quality score to landing pages and offers guidelines to create high quality landing pages.

  • Your landing page quality score will be negatively affected, when your Adwords account grades your landing page “This page isn’t highly relevant”.
  • Your Quality Score will not be affected, or in some cases will be positively affected, if when your Adwords account grades your landing page “No problems found”.

PPC Landing Page Load Time

Google also evaluates PPC landing page load time when determining Adwords landing page quality score and offers tips to improve the load times of your landing pages.

Tips from Other PPC Experts on Landing Page Optimization

PPC Hero believes an optimized Adwords landing page must have:

  • Call-to-action
  • Minimal navigation
  • Important information above-the-fold
  • Easy-to-scan copy
  • Few images to convey professionalism
  • Fast loading time
  • Dynamic headlines, with tips to automatically generate dynamic headlines on your landing pages
  • PPC keywords in your landing page copy
  • Short contact form
  • No clutter

Best practices of PPC landing page optimization from others:

Identify Bad Landing Pages, Improve Conversion Rates

The metrics that can indicate your PPC landing page’s effectiveness are Web analytics bounce rate and Conversion rate. High bounce rate and high abandonment mean your landing page consists of problems and your website’s conversion rate is therefore negatively affected. To identify problems and improve your landing pages,

  • Monitor traffic of your PPC landing pages and your site with Google Analytics. Evaluate the values of your landing pages relative to other web pages of your site against conversions.
  • Run A/B testing and/or multi-variate testing through Google’s Website Optimizer and optimize your landing pages’ content and design.

The ultimate goal of landing page optimization is to improve your web site’s conversion rate.


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  1. Kent on February 7th, 2010 6:37 pm

    this is a really cool LP optimization guide, thank you very much!

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