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Sina Weibo ( or, Chinese Twitter, currently is the most popular Microblogging tool/service for Chinese Internet users in China.

Sina Weibo’s Roles: Following and Followers

Similar to Twitter, Sina Weibo offers 2 major roles to each user:

  • Following: People who you are following. Their messages/conversations continuously show up in your incoming feed and can be seen by other Sina Weibo users.
  • Followers: Your fans, people who have subscribed to your messages/conversations.

What You Can Do on Sina Weibo?

Sina Weibo users can start conversations by creating new messages that:

  • Include images, links to music, links to videos, topics, or smileys.
  • Mention other Sina Weibo users using the “@” sign.
  • Act as polls.

Your incoming feed will show each message posted by the Sina Weibo users who you are following. You can:

  • Forward messages
  • Bookmark messages
  • Comment on messages
    Sina Weibo Homepage

Other things that you can do on Sina Weibo:

  • Create/join groups.
  • Create new tags and/or associate yourself to tags.
  • Get badges. You will have to fulfill certain requirements before receiving badges – For example, post messages in 10 consecutive days to get a 10-day-weibo-qiang badge.
  • View popular topics that are recommended to you.
  • Follow users that are recommended to you.
  • Use third party apps. You will have to first allow the apps to access your Sina Weibo account data through Basic Auth or Oauth.
  • Verify your identity. Once your identify is verified, a red capital “V” letter will appear next to your screenname /username.

Apps for Sina Weibo

For mobile users, Sina Weibo offers official iPhone, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, KJava, and Windows Mobile client applications. Official client application is also available to Apple’s iPad.

Sina Weibo’s API is available to developers. Apply for an AppKey to develop apps for Sina Weibo users.

SNS/Microblogging Message Synchronization

Chinese SNS/Microblogging users may use several SNS/microblogging tools/services including Tencent QQ Weibo, Google Buzz,, and Douban. To synchronize the messages among your microblogging/SNS accounts, use:

Sina acquired domain name which was officially launched to the public in April 2011. Wei-Bo is a Chinese synonym for Twitter which makes it easier for Sina to re-brand Sina Weibo.


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  1. Joycee on October 13th, 2011 5:34 am

    Hi Choi,

    I love your site! :) and this site s one of my favorite :)

    one question though, just want to help my friend if is it possible to install google analytics to or any chinese blogs?

    Please help ;)

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