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What Causes Google Analytics Direct Traffic?

Causes to Direct Traffic

Direct Traffic is a Google Analytics dimension that can appear in your Google Analytics reports:

Direct traffic, one of the traffic sources in Google Analytics, refers to users who arrive at your website without referral information in the HTTP headers.

Google Analytics Direct Traffic Definition

Google provides a simple definition for the direct traffic dimension:

Direct Traffic: How do the people who clicked a bookmark to come to your site or typed your site URL into their browser compare to the average visitor to your site? Direct traffic can include visitors recruited via offline (i.e. print, television) campaigns.

Direct Traffic in Google Analytics Reports

If your Google Analytics setup is correct, sessions in Google Analytics reports will show up as direct traffic when users:

If your is correct, but some of your web pages are missing Google Analytics tracking code snippets:

For the definition of "sessions", refer to Common Web Analytics metrics Definitions.

Not Direct Traffic in Google Analytics Reports

Sessions that will not contribute to direct traffic in Google Analytics:

To track PPC campaigns correctly, refer to Google Analytics PPC conversion tracking.

Set Brand Keywords through Search Engines as Direct Traffic

In Google Analytics, you may re-define keywords through search engine sessions as direct traffic.

When visitors reach your website from search engines through your site’s brand keywords (e.g. Gordon Choi, for site, you may remove keyword "gordon choi" from Google Analytics Keyword Report and assign the sessions to direct traffic.

This reference describes how you can customize search engine traffic with the _addIgnoredOrganic() and _clearIgnoredOrganic() methods.

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