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Work with Large Chinese Internet Companies

For 59 months in China, I had worked at 2 local Chinese companies, and - China’s Largest B2B Website - China’s Largest Travel Booking Engine


It is always difficult to fit into any new culture.

So it ended up involving to meet with a lot of new people and to learn the cultures quickly.


To be able to work in Chinese companies, I found it important to localize myself. The quicker I could localize the better I was able to fit it.


Transitions were required in different stages and each transition requires spending considerable amount of time, discovering new methods and learning new skills. Some examples of my transitions during my time at Ctrip:

After all these transitions, I could only have become a more diverse person.

Projects & Teamwork

On the ways to complete each project or even a not-so-big task, it was necessary to co-ordinate with people.

New Skills & New Opportunities

In Ctrip, the scope of my responsibilities were shifting and increasing. It was necessary for me to develop new skills so that I could cover (or oversee) all the areas that were required coverage:

Developing new skills definite have been taken up considerable non-office hour time, but it has since opened up many new opportunities for me.

People to Thank

I had the opportunities to work with many very bright and intelligent people at Ctrip and Alibaba. I have to thank many people who were my superiors, peers and subordinates during my time at Ctrip and Alibaba.

Many superiors who I reported to have helped me by:

My peers who I have worked with helped me by:

My subordinates who I have worked with helped me by:

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