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Founder of Folks Analytics Gordon Choi Spoke at WAW China, Shanghai March 2015

Gordon Choi

I am an Entrepreneur & developer who previously have developed websites, mobile apps and web analytics tools (including www.folksanalytics.com).

I have written 3 books:

I always combine my technical skills (including developing automated scripts, etc) and my Internet marketing skills (particularly on search engines and analytics) to plan and executive multiple projects.

If your plan is to take your business and/or websites into China through search engines, social media, analytics, etc, contact Gordon Choi.

SEO Quick Start

For SEO quick start, I have written this Baidu Mobile SEO Beginners Guide. This guide will help you make plans to your new website for the Chinese market and focuses on the following topics:

  • Local Web Hosting
  • Mobile Website Strategies
  • Crawlable Site Structure Optimization
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Webmaster and Analytics Tools

The China Mobile SEO Book

The China Mobile SEO Book (written by Gordon Choi)

I have published a book called "The China Mobile SEO Book" which has been recommended by more than 20 Internet experts!

“This book takes the often overlooked factual and scientific approach to doing SEO in China.” – Stephen Noton, SEO veteran since 1996 and 1st in Asia Qualified by Google, Microsoft & Yahoo!

“I have known Gordon for almost 10 years, and he has always been dedicating himself to the data analytics profession. He is one of the earliest online marketing professionals who have spent many years working with multiple markets & search engines whether they are outside of China (e.g. Google) or inside of China (i.e. Baidu). Due to his unique background and experience, Gordon is the ONE who is most suited to have this book written.” – Guoping Zhang, Founder & CEO of Shop123.com, China‚Äôs SEO veteran

Gordon Choi’s Analytics Book


I have written my second book "Gordon Choi’s Analytics Book" – A technical book on analytics topics that covers Google Analytics, open source analytics (i.e. Piwik), web analytics and mobile app analytics.

I have practically reviewed and/or implemented 100+ Google Analytics accounts and/or open source analytics accounts. The main objective of this book is to share my years of analytics knowledge with people who are interested to learn more. This book is available for free reading online.

I have developed an Android Mobile App for this book.

Gordon Choi’s Mobile Website Book


I have written my third book "Gordon Choi’s Mobile Website Book" which is available for free reading online. The book has two parts:

  • Part One: Optimize Mobile Website Performance
  • Part Two: Develop Mobile Websites

What’s on My Website?

Archives has a list of all the contents.

Contact Gordon Choi

Email: gordonppc [AT] gmail.com

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