Gordon Choi

I develop & SEO WordPress websites, and do a few other things.

Gordon Choi

Gordon Choi, Founder of ChinaMobileSEO.com

I am the author of 3 books: ChinaMobileSEO.com, AnalyticsBook.org and MobileWebsiteBook.com.

Over the years I’ve been keeping up with Web Traffic, SEO, PPC, Internet Marketing, Web Analytics, etc, and I keep learning new things including social media marketing, website development & design, product marketing, etc.

My SEO book has been recommended by over 20 Internet experts.

I have previously analyzed and implemented over 100 Google Analytics solutions for different websites and mobile apps.

What a SEO Expert Can Do For You?

It takes strategy, preparation, and execution in SEO (search engine optimization) to take any Hong Kong based small business website to the first page of Google’s SERP (search engine results pages). The role in a SEO expert starts with:

  • Identifying the audience for your brand, website, and product.
  • Creating the keyword list that aligns with your audience & overall SEO strategy.
  • Executing the necessary SEO work on a consistent basis.

Google is the default search engine in Hong Kong for information (besides Yahoo). People on the internet (through mobile and/or desktop) rely searching heavily on Google for answers through keyword searches (and voice searches).

  • When you are able to present the right information (for your audience) on your website in the structural way that makes Google happy, it makes it easy for Google to find (or crawl) and organize the information (in its Index).
  • Google rewards your website with higher organic rankings.
  • The higher ranking gives your website (and business) higher visibility.
  • The higher visibility (on Google) exposes your website (and business) to more website visitors.
  • More visitors to your website leads to more revenue ($$$) for your business.

You should always take SEO seriously by putting the effort to work in local SEO – Local SEO means getting your Hong Kong business website higher Google organic ranking whenever people Googling keywords (of your brand or business or product) in Hong Kong.

A SEO expert can help you exactly just that.

My SEO Video

Local Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing (for local small businesses such as in Hong Kong) is much more than getting web traffic or visitors to a website.

First build a well-designed Digital Marketing Funnel which enables you to get visitors to your website. Immediately it must be followed by turning the visitors into leads and then customers.

The main objective of an SEO Company & SEO expert is to get the exact results (with reasonably lower cost than without a conversion funnel) for the local HK websites.

Digital marketing strategies should be designed for a specific local market for it to become most effective, such as Digital Marketing for Hong Kong.

The local strategies should include getting web traffic, integrating the free traffic sources with the audience, small business company website (including mobile SEO) and/or landing pages, building email lists, and implementing marketing automation.

Fun Projects

A previous project I did was playing with Python Turtle Programming for Kids.

Lately, I’ve installed and tested the OceanWP theme for WordPress websites.

Have launched a website for Hong Kong SEO Services.

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LinkedIn Profile

I have been updating my professional profile on LinkedIn. - https://www.linkedin.com/in/gordonchoi/



On this Q&A site (Quora.com), I have answered a few questions regarding SEO (and SEO in China), and web analytics. - https://www.quora.com/profile/Gordon-Choi


Facebook Page

I constantly share information about Internet marketing, content marketing and analytics. To receive industry updates, join my Facebook Page. - https://www.facebook.com/chinamobileseo/



Everyone share photos and videos these days on Instagram. - https://www.instagram.com/gordonchoihk/



I've shared infographics, inspiration quotes, and best books on Pinterest (as images). - https://www.pinterest.com/gordonchoi/

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