ABOUT Gordon Choi

Who Is Gordon Choi?

Gordon Choi’s Youtube channel (in Cantonese / Chinese) is Understanding Internet Technologies.

The Internet is complicated as a whole, and is made up of many different basic blocks.

I have gone through my life & work experiences across regions in Hong Kong, South Africa, Mainland China, and Hong Kong (Yeah, HK twice), while keeping up with learning the internet technologies.

Search Engines & Web Data Tracking

I first entered the internet world through search engines. It was Yahoo (Overture) & Google (AdWords). Exactly, pay per click (PPC) advertising is the term.

One essential part is enabling performance tracking per keyword, and the other part is to compile all the data reports that are necessary for analyzing the search engine marketing campaigns. Based on all the data insights that were gathered, I was then able to know how to maximize the output of the PPC campaigns.

Website + SEO + Conversion Funnel

Buying web traffic that could convert into sales was a viable solution, until the business drastically reduces online advertising budget. The alternative must be search engine optimization (SEO).

A great start for any business in SEO is to build websites and fit in all the on-page SEO elements onto the sites at the same time, whether it is WordPress + Woocommerce (with page builder Elementor & theme OceanWP), or another website builder platform.

Having full control of the website with MySQL databases and source codes allows much faster turnover in changes. This definitely helps the sites doing better in SEO.

Connect the WordPress & SEO strategies with list building strategies through email marketing & marketing automation programs have further lower the overall new customer acquisition cost.

Gordon Choi can be described in a single sentence.

I am the author of my blog GordonChoi.com, which is about topics in web traffic & SEO strategies, SEO tools, developing, launching & managing eCommerce websites (in WordPress & other platforms), list building & marketing automation, and more.

Or even simpler: I build websites and help the websites get found by people searching on Google.

This is the Chinese version of my about page.


Topics that are available on GordonChoi.com (for Hong Kong local businesses).

Web Traffic & SEO

SEO Tools

WordPress Websites Development

Shopify Websites Setup

List Building & Marketing Automation

Finding Niches and/or Online Business Ideas

Google Analytics

Online Marketing

China Marketing

Interviews with Top SEO Experts

Technologies & Programming

DIY Home Automation


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