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What is Arlo Video Doorbell?

Arlo video doorbell has camera features and other capabilities that work well with your phone.

You may set up Arlo video doorbell to do this: When a visitor presses the doorbell button, you receive a call on your smartphone.

You may set up Arlo doorbell to detect motion when someone has come by the exterior front door of your home, and sends an alert to your phone.

Arlo video doorbell has a 180 degree viewing angle, letting you see the full picture of whoever is at your home front door and everything behinds the visitor.

Arlo video doorbell has night vision allowing you to see clearly without having to turn lights on.

Arlo doorbell is not a traditional doorbell at all, and replaces your existing doorbell.


Arlo Video Doorbell

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Download the Arlo App

Before the Arlo Video Doorbell installation, you will have to download the Arlo app on to your smartphone.



Create your new Arlo account through the app.

Arlo Video Doorbell Installation CHECKLIST

The installation requirements of Arlo video doorbell are below.

  • The Arlo doorbell and chime must be wired with existing electrical wiring.
  • The voltage should be between 16V AC and 24V AC, with a 10VA transformer.
  • High-Speed Internet Connection (WIFI) is needed.

You will need the items below for the installation:

  • The Arlo app
  • A screwdriver
  • A power drill is optional, but in some cases you may need it.
  • The items that are included with the Arlo video doorbell pack (shown below).

The items that are included when you purchase the Arlo video doorbell:

  • Arlo Video Doorbell x1
  • Flat Mounting Plate x1
  • Angled Mounting Plate x1
  • Power Kit x1
  • Screw Kit x1
  • Security Latch Release Pin x1
  • Wire Extensions x1
  • Quick Start Guide x1

Before the installation of the Arlo Video Doorbell:

  • Make sure your home power is off at the breaker.
  • Install Power Kit for Arlo Video Doorbell.

Install Power Kit for Arlo Video Doorbell

Power Kit (Arlo Video Doorbell)

The Power Kit:

  • Is required for the Arlo Video Doorbell to function.
  • Ensures the Arlo Video Doorbell gets sufficient power to operate.
  • Prevents your traditional chime from ringing when your Arlo camera is live streaming or recording.

Identify where your chime box locates

Locate the chime box. The chime box is usually on the wall by the front entry door of your house.

The power source of your current chime

You must figure out the power source of your current chime box.

Battery only: If your existing chime is wireless i.e. uses batteries only, then the Arlo Power Kit is not compatible with your current chime box setup, and you may have to get a local electrician to set up and connect the required wiring to your Chime.

Wires only: If the power source of your chime is through wires from your house, then your chime is compatible with the Arlo Power Kit.

Wires & batteries: If your chime box can be powered by either wires or batteries, then your chime is compatible with the Power Kit.

Turn off power

Turn off your house power at the breaker.

Chime box cover

Chime box cover removed

Remove the chime box cover.

Connect the Power Kit wires to the terminals of your chime box.

You will have to put the Power Kit inside the chime box. Make sure the Power Kit does not block the operation of the chime.

The Arlo app

If you are not 100% sure about the installation of the Power Kit, open the Arlo app and refer to the instructions from within the Arlo app.

Install Arlo Video Doorbell

Replace existing doorbell with Arlo Video Doorbell

Make sure you have turned off your house power at the breaker, before you begin the Arlo video doorbell installation.

Remove/disconnect the existing doorbell from the wall

Remove your existing doorbell from the wall and disconnect the wires from your existing doorbell.

Angled mounting plate

You have an angled mounting plate that came with your Arlo video doorbell purchase.

The angled mounting plate will give your Arlo video doorbell an angle to the right or left, relative to the position of your doorbell.
You may choose to use the angled mounting plate with the Arlo video doorbell installation, or install the Arlo video doorbell without the angled mounting plate.

The LED status

You will need the LED status on the front of the Arlo video doorbell to become white.

The LED is off: The LED is booting up. Wait about one minute for the LED to boot up.

The LED is still off after one minute of boot up time: This means the LED is receiving no power supply. You will have to turn off the power at the breaker, and check the connection of the wires.

The LED is solid amber color: This indicates the doorbell transformer is not supplying the correct voltage level. You may have to enable bypass mode on the Arlo Power Kit.

The LED alternates between white and amber colors: This indicates the voltage or operating temperature is too low. You may have to wait about 15 minutes for the LED temperature/voltage to go up.

Connect your Arlo to your WIFI internet connection (of at least 2.4GHz) using the Arlo app.

Now your Arlo video doorbell should be fully operational and ready.


180 degree viewing angle at your front door

Viewing angle, aspect ratio 16:9 (Other doorbells)

The more traditional security cameras usually are only capable of showing a reduced viewing angle at aspect ratio of 16:9.

180 degree viewing angle, aspect ratio 1:1 (Arlo Video Doorbell)

Arlo video doorbell is capable of showing you a 180 degree viewing angle which is optimized at aspect ratio of 1:1.

With the 180 degree viewing angle at aspect ratio of 1:1, now the video camera is able to show the package on the ground and the entire person from head-to-toe at your home front door.

Motion detection with alerts

You may let Arlo video doorbell detect any motion that is within the view the camera.

When motion is detected, you will received an alert.

You can turn on your Arlo app and watch live streaming video on your mobile phone (i.e. Android or iPhone).

When you have more than one Arlo camera, you may also use this second camera to detect motion by setting up cross-triggering.

Direct video call to your phone

When a visitor at your home front door presses the doorbell button, Arlo video doorbell calls your phone, and you can start a real-time video call with the visitor.

Audio & text messaging

If you are unable to speak through the video call, you may still speak through real-time audio and text messaging.


The Arlo doorbell has a voicemail.

The visitor may leave a message to your voicemail when:

  • You have not picked up the call 20 seconds after the doorbell was pressed.
  • You have declined a doorbell call.

For the voicemail to work, you must have already signed up to the Arlo Smart plan.


Arlo video doorbell comes with built-in-siren.

You may set up the siren to sound when a specific event happens, or turn on the siren remotely.


Max Video Resolution – The dimensions

  • 1536×1536

Video Modes – The dimensions

  • 1536×1536
  • 1080×1080
  • 720×720
  • 1:1 ratio

All Video Features

  • HDR, SIP video call at doorbell push

Max Lens Field of View

  • 180-degree diagonal


  • Not available

Motion Detection

  • Single Motion Sensor, 110 degree horizontal

Night Vision

  • Night Vision, high powered Infrared LEDs (850nm) with IR Cut Filter


  • Outdoor UV & Weather resistant

Digital Zoom

  • 12x zoom


  • Single Microphone Array


  • Full Duplex 2-way audio, SIP audio/video call initiated at doorbell press, with  quick reply messages

Operating Temperature

  • -20 (negative) to 45 degree Celsius

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