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How To Switch to Classic Editor From Gutenberg?

You may always switch to WordPress Classic Editor (or Disable Gutenberg Editor).

How to enable Classic Editor in WordPress? And disable Gutenberg Editor?

For your WordPress website, you can always switch to Classic Editor from Gutenberg Editor.


Gutenberg Editor By Default

After any new WordPress installation, when you click into the Post screen or Page screen, all you see is the Gutenberg Editor.

Gutenberg Editor is a block-like editor – You can drag and drop to build new pages, and edit existing pages.


But when you cannot get use to Gutenberg Editor, you may want to disable Gutenberg, and switch back to the Classic Editor in WordPress. But how?

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Install and Activate Classic Editor in WordPress

All you have to do is to install and activate the Classic Editor plugin, and you won’t have to physically disable Gutenberg Editor.

Log in to your WordPress website.

Add new WordPress Plugin

Go to Plugins, Add New at the left side menu.


Enter Classic Editor in the new plugin search box.


When the Classic Editor plugin shows up in the search results, click Install Now.

Click Activate to enable the Classic Editor plugin.

Classic Editor for Posts or Pages in WordPress


You can now use the Classic Editor to add a new post or page, or edit existing posts or pages.


Regarding the Classic Editor of WordPress, I have written this Chinese version article.

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