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What is Enrollapp?

Enrollapp Review – Take Usability Tests on Websites or Apps, and Get Paid.

How does Enrollapp work? Enrollapp lets you to take quick usability tests.


On Enrollapp, quick tests (of a product) may be sent to you to complete. The tests are simple, and they are usability tests for companies who designed “products” for the internet.

The tests may be as simple as giving opinion about a product logo, complete a short task, or clarify some content on a website or a mobile app. The objective of the tests is for you to discover if the interactions on the website or app make sense (to other users).

The tests are very simple, and anyone should be able to complete them.


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What’s Good About Using Enrollapp?

It’s simple usability test you’re doing on Enrollapp for different companies’ products.

While you’re doing the test or review for an app that has been assigned to you, you can do it remotely. You can do it on the device that you prefer. i.e. On a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Before the company releases the finished product, as an Enrollapp tester, you get to test and use the product first, before everyone else. And you probably are one of those first persons to find out any bugs that are on the product.

This is exactly the point. You help the company test the new product, before it gets released to all other users. You are potentially making the product better for the other end-users, and you are making the internet a better place one product at a time.

The best part is that when you spend time testing the usability of the product, you can get paid for what you do.

How Does It Work on Enrollapp?

Enrollapp does not need you to hear your voice or put yourself in front of a webcam when performing the required usability test.

After signing up, Enrollapp should start sending you a test.

Some tests are very simple. They may ask you a few questions, and it should take you no more than 10 minutes to complete.

You may be asked about what you think about a specific logo design.

For usability questions, you may be asked how easy or how difficult it is for you to navigate on a website.

All the tests on Enrollapp are on a first come first serve basis. When you receive an email about a test, and you want to get paid, you should complete it as soon as you can.

Remember you should always try to provide honest and quality feedback.

Is Enrollapp a Scam?

Enrollapp is legit, and it isn’t a scam at all.

However, do not have high expectation. Enrollapp is very easy for anyone to join. It does not mean to replace your full time job at all, though making a little extra cash through Enrollapp is completely legitimate.

Do expect that you aren’t going to be rich by taking usability test for different products on Enrollapp.

How Much Will You Get Paid on Enrollapp?

The different tests on Enrollapp pay out different amounts. For example, completing a specific test may earn you from $0.10 to $1.50.

How to Get Paid from Enrollapp?

Provide a PayPal account to get paid.

All you need is to accumulate as low as $1.00 before you can ask to cash out your money.

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