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Folx Mac: Free Torrent Client for Downloading of Files

Folx for Mac is a Torrent downloading application. Folx the torrent client is fully compatible with MacOS Catalina.

Through Folx, you can easily download torrents from trackers. Magnet links has been a popular method to download and share of bittorrent content/files, and Folx also allows you to download through magnet links.

Folx (for Mac) offers a very quick and convenient way to download torrent files. All you have to do is to set the priority, regulate the download and upload speed, tag downloads for quick search through the content, and more.

Folx if a professionally designed torrent client for Mac OSX that offers a user-friendly and easy-to-understand user interface. Most first time torrent app users (on Mac) will find Folx very simple to use.

You may download the Folx app from this link:

Folx Pro

In some cases, Macbook computer users in some cases may considering paying to use the paid version (or premium version) of an app that is offered for free. The main reason is to get the full features of the app. The paid version of an app is usually ad-free.

The pro version of Folx offers many more features including:

  • A built-in torrent search
  • Download scheduling
  • Creation of torrents
  • Sharing of torrents
  • Customizable
  • Can handle a large numbers of torrents
  • Local peer discovery

Additionally, when using the Folx pro version, your application becomes free of ads.

When downloading, you can split the torrent into a maximum of 20 different streams. This can accelerate your file downloading speed.

When you can search for torrent contently directly from the Folx Pro app, you will not have to browse through multiple torrent trackers. All you do is run a keyword search in Fox, and it will go through the many torrent trackers and display the desired results.

Why Using Torrents to Download Files?

There are some benefits when using Torrents to download files, instead of downloading files directly from your web browser (such as Google Chrome).

With a torrent client app such as Folx for Mac, it is easy to find almost any video content. Folx enables you to spend less time to download when comparing to direct downloading.

Usually with many torrent client app (such as Folx for Mac), it is free to use. The exception is that when you want to have all the features available to you. Normally, when your requirements are mostly simply downloading files from torrents, you can keep using the free version.

When downloading directly from your web browser through http or https connections, the download process may be disrupted easily and/or frequently due to unstable network/internet connections. Also, most files (such as video files) are very large files with at least a few gigabytes each, it normally takes long to download a file, and this opens for more disruptive opportunities due to network issues. But with a torrent client, network issues will not disrupt the download process. The download can always resume automatically once your Macbook computer goes back online.

Many torrent clients can support remote downloading and scheduling.

Torrent is a P2P downloading technology. When running P2P downloading, it is basically a decentralized process. Your file download can rely on many sources instead of only one.

But is it legal to download torrents?

The action to download through torrent client is not illegal. However, the content in which you have downloaded, may be subjected to legal issues. It highly depends on how you are using your torrent downloaded files. It may also be case-by-case depending on who the content creators are, and/or the protocols that were set out by the content producers in the first place.

One example is that it will certainly be illegal to download torrent movies before they are released in the big screens (i.e. cinemas/theatres) or are released on DVDs. The straightforward and common reason is that movies almost very certainly have copyrights, and the owners of the movies are almost always not going to grant permission for monetary use of the movie content without his/her permission.

Torrent Downloading Using Folx Mac

Folx provides a complete torrent client for Mac OSX.

To download through Torrent, start with clicking the blue “+” button on the search bar.

Select the Torrent tab.

Click the three dots on the right to select the torrent file you want to download.

The torrent file is usually a file with this format:


What you have to do is go to the website that offers this *.torrent file, and download this file. Note this is not the final file that you want, but a file that is necessary for starting your torrent download.

Now click the blue “+” button on the search bar, select the Torrent tab, and click the three dots. You will be prompted to select a file from your local Mac computer. Browse to the location of where your downloaded *.torrent file is. Select the *.torrent file.

Your torrent download should have started by now.

Set your preferences using the drop-down menus. You may even add any tags of your choice. Click OK.

With the Folx Mac Pro version, you may use the default search bar to search for torrents.

With Folx Pro, you may choose not to start downloading at this very moment. You may schedule torrents for later downloading through app Preferences.

Other Uses of Folx Mac

Through Folx, you can download Youtube video files.

You may also download files through http/https. Just as how you have been downloading files through web browsers. But you do the download in your Folx app.

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