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The Books Include Topics in Web Analytics, Search Engines (SEO & PPC), Landing Page Optimization, Web Usability and Design, Database Design and More.

Web Analytics An Hour a Day by Avinash Kaushik

The first book by Avinash Kaushik on Web Analytics. The book is especially created for the scenario when someone is working day-in day-out in a web analyst role or preparing for the web analyst career.

It is a step-by-step by for the person in the web analyst role to develop a complete Web Analytics strategy for his/her online business website.

The goal of Analytics is not to do data reporting. The mindset is to discover actionable insights for improving your Internet marketing.

The table of content:

  • Chapter 1: Web Analytics – Present and future
  • Chapter 2: Importance and options
  • Chapter 3: Overview of qualitative Analytics
  • Chapter 4: Critical components of a successful Web Analytics strategy
  • Chapter 5: Web Analytics fundamentals
  • Chapter 6: Month 1: Diving deep into core Web Analytics concepts
  • Chapter 7: Month 2: Jump-start your Web data Analytics
  • Chapter 8: Month 3: Search Analytics – Internal search, SEO and PPC
  • Chapter 9: Month 4: Measuring email and multichannel marketing
  • Chapter 10: Month 5: Website experimentation and testing – Shifting the power to customers and achieving significant outcomes
  • Chapter 11: Month 6: Three secrets behind making Web Analytics actionable
  • Chapter 12: Month 7: Competitive intelligence and Web 2.0 Analytics
  • Chapter 13: Month 8 and beyond: Shattering the myths of Web Analytics
  • Chapter 14: Advanced Analytics concepts – Turbocharge your Web Analytics
  • Chapter 15: Creating a data-driven culture – Practical steps and best practices

Web Analytics 2.0 by Avinash Kaushik

The second book by Avinash Kaushik on Web Analytics. In Kaushik’s first book, it has already shown you how to develop a full Web Analytics strategy and disover action insights. This second book is a reference book of Web Analytics in which you can flip the pages and then find what you were looking for.

In Web Analytics 2.0, we now have to deal with quantitative data, qualitative data, results of multivariate experiments, and competitive intelligence data that cannot connect to anything. 2.0 is about the 10/90 rule in which you should spend 10% on tools and 90% on people.

The table of content:

  • Chapter 1: The bold new world of Web Analytics 2.0
  • Chapter 2: The optimal strategy for choosing your Web Analytics soul mate
  • Chapter 3: The awesome world of clickstream analysis: Metrics
  • Chapter 4: The awesome world of clickstream analysis: Practical solutions
  • Chapter 5: The key to glory: Measuring success
  • Chapter 6: Solving the why puzzle: Leveraging qualitative data
  • Chapter 7: Failing Faster: Unleashing the power of testing and experimentation
  • Chapter 8: Competitive intelligence analysis
  • Chapter 9: Emerging analytics: Social, mobile, and video
  • Chapter 10: Optimal solutions for hidden Web Analytics traps
  • Chapter 11: Guiding principles for becoming an Analytics ninja
  • Chapter 12: Advanced principles for becoming an Analytics ninja
  • Chapter 13: The Web Analytics career
  • Chapter 14: HiPPOs, ninjas and the masses: Creating a data-driven culture

Advanced Google AdWords by Brad Geddes

Google AdWords is the most advanced, most efficient and the largest paid search advertising program (i.e. PPC) in the world. This book of Brad Geddes is not only a guide for Google AdWords campaign management and optimization, but it is the most complete guide by far. While you are working on your Google AdWords campaigns, it gives you a strong theoretical framework and practical guidelines to improve your results.

The table of content:

  • Chapter 1: Understanding search theory
  • Chapter 2: Keyword research
  • Chapter 3: Keyword tools: Extracting valuable data from Google
  • Chapter 4: Writing compelling ads
  • Chapter 5: Landing pages that convert searchers into buyers
  • Chapter 6: Advanced optimization techniques
  • Chapter 7: Demystifying Quality Score
  • Chapter 8: Beyond text image, video, and mobile ads
  • Chapter 9: Understanding the display network
  • Chapter 10: Advanced display network techniques
  • Chapter 11: Advanced geographic targeting
  • Chapter 12: Save time and scale accounts with the AdWords Editor
  • Chapter 13: Profitable bid strategies
  • Chapter 14: Successful account organization strategies
  • Chapter 15: Testing techniques that will increase profits
  • Chapter 16: AdWords report: Extracting actionable information
  • Chapter 17: Step by step: Create and monitor your AdWords account

Search Marketing Inc. by Mike Moron & Bill Hunt

This is the first ever search engine related books which I have read back in the old days. Subsequently I have met one of the authors, Bill Hunt, who could practically spend his whole days discussing and explaining all kinds of solutions to all the different SEO problems you have ever come across. In this book, it has come across these topics:

  • Examines the details of how a search engine really works.
  • Explains how users think when they are issuing a search query.
  • Explains how to get your website indexed by the search engines, how to choose your keywords, how to get your website ranked within the search engine results pages (SERP), and how to attract links to your website.
  • Explains how to identify the goals of your website, and measure the success of your search engine marketing efforts.
  • Walks you through the process to create an effective SEO program: Projecting business value, selling to stakeholders, building teams, choosing strategies, implementing metrics, and executing the project.

The table of content:

  • Chapter 1: Why search marketing is important and difficult
  • Chapter 2: How search engines work
  • Chapter 3: How search marketing works
  • Chapter 4: How searchers work
  • Chapter 5: Identify your website’s goals
  • Chapter 6: Measure your website&#39s success
  • Chapter 7: Measure your search marketing success
  • Chapter 8: Define your search marketing strategy
  • Chapter 9: Sell your search marketing proposal
  • Chapter 10: Getting your site indexed
  • Chapter 11: Choose your target keywords
  • Chapter 12: Optimize your content
  • Chapter 13: Attract links to your site
  • Chapter 14: Optimize your paid search program
  • Chapter 15: Make search marketing operational
  • Chapter 16: Explore new media and social media
  • Chapter 17: Optimize your website search
  • Chapter 18: What&#39s next

The Art of SEO by Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, Jessie Stricchiola & Rand Fishkin

We can find many SEO books and/or SEO guides available out there, but this one is very comprehensive and a complete guide. The book was written by 4 authors with loads of content and SEO theories.

  • This book offers online business owners, web designers, web developers and SEO professionals the information to better understanding SEO, and better optimizing websites for SEO.
  • The book contains the basics of SEO, how pages are ranked, and what influences the ranking of pages.
  • You will learn how to create the best website architecture and content for optimal SEO indexing and ranking.
  • You will learn how to measure and track the SEO results.
  • The book provides guidelines for optimizing new websites and the best practices for re-designing old websites in order to achieve better SEO while not losing existing Page Rank.

The table of content:

  • Chapter 1: Search: Reflecting consciousness and connecting commerce
  • Chapter 2: Search engine basics
  • Chapter 3: Determining your SEO objectives and defining your site&#39s audience
  • Chapter 4: First stages of SEO
  • Chapter 5: Keyword research
  • Chapter 6: Developing an SEO-friendly website
  • Chapter 7: Creating link-worthy content and link marketing
  • Chapter 8: How social media and user data play a role in search results and rankings
  • Chapter 9: Optimizing for vertical search
  • Chapter 10: Tracking results and measuring success
  • Chapter 11: Domain changes, post-SEO redesigns, and troubleshooting
  • Chapter 12: SEO research and study
  • Chapter 13: Building an in-house SEO team, outsource it, or both
  • Chapter 14: An evolving art form: The future of SEO

Landing Page Optimization by Tim Ash

This book of Tim Ash explains the impact of landing pages to your website visitors. It provides guidance for defining the goal(s) of your website, identifying which part(s) of your website should be tested, analyzing your website, and determining how to make it easier for visitors to use your website.

The table of content:

  • Chapter 1: Setting the stage
  • Chapter 2: Understanding your landing pages
  • Chapter 3: Understanding your audience
  • Chapter 4: Understanding the decision process
  • Chapter 5: Why your site is not perfect
  • Chapter 6: Selecting elements to tune
  • Chapter 7: The math of tuning
  • Chapter 8: Tuning methods
  • Chapter 9: Assembling the team and getting buy-in
  • Chapter 10: Developing your action plan
  • Chapter 11: Avoid the pitfalls

Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug

Steve Krug’s book is about web usability:

  • Web usability means ensuring a website works well for its intended purpose.
  • Web pages should be designed simple enough, self-evident, and self-explanatory for all average users.
  • The book illustrates how visitors use and read a website.
  • With many before and after examples, the book shows how a few changes can improve the usability of a website.
  • The book is a check list of web usability items that you can always come back to review.

The table of content:

  • Chapter 1: Don’t make me think
  • Chapter 2: How we really use the web
  • Chapter 3: Billboard design 101
  • Chapter 4: Animal, vegetable, or mineral
  • Chapter 5: Omit needless words
  • Chapter 6: Street signs and breadcrumbs
  • Chapter 7: The first step in recovery is admitting that the home page is beyond your control
  • Chapter 8: The farm and the cowman should be friends
  • Chapter 9: Usability testing on 10 cents a day
  • Chapter 10: Usability as common courtesy
  • Chapter 11: Accessibility, cascading style sheets, and you
  • Chapter 12: Help! My boss wants me to…

Rocket Surgery Made Easy by Steve Krug

Another book by Steve Krug – This time it is for anyone to apply the usability testing approach on their own websites.

  • Find the 1 or 2 most important usability problems on your website.
  • Fix these 1 or 2 problems which is at least you can do, because you will not have time and resources to fix all the problems.

Excel 2013 Formulas by John Walkenbach

I have included this comprehensive Excel book because in SEO and PPC you will definitely get involved in lots of data manipulation work. When working on raw data and converting raw data into human readable data reports, you will have to make use of the full power of Excel.

The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit by Ralph Kimball

In this book, Ralph Kimball and his colleagues walk you through the detailed steps of designing, developing, and deploying a data warehousing / business intelligence system, with their lifecycle methods and techniques based on their many years of consulting, training, and first-hand work experience.

The table of content:

  • Chapter 1: Introducing the Kimball lifecycle
  • Chapter 2: Launching and managing the project/program
  • Chapter 3: Collecting the requirements
  • Chapter 4: Introducing the technical architecture
  • Chapter 5: Creating the architecture plan and selecting products
  • Chapter 6: Introducing dimensional modeling
  • Chapter 7: Designing the dimensional model
  • Chapter 8: Designing the physical database and planning for performance
  • Chapter 9: Introducing extract, transformation, and the load
  • Chapter 10: Designing and developing the ETL system
  • Chapter 11: Introducing business intelligence applications
  • Chapter 12: Designing and developing business intelligence applications
  • Chapter 13: Deploying the supporting the DW/BI system
  • Chapter 14: Expanding the DW/BI system


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