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What Is Microworkers?

Microworkers Review: Crowdsourcing site where freelancers complete microjobs and get paid by employers.

Microworkers is crowdsourcing platform that connects employers and workers (or freelancers) from all over the world.

In short, employers put up tasks (or small jobs / microjobs) that are simple and quick to do, and freelancers take the tasks. When a freelancer completes a task, she is paid by the employer who assigned the microjob in the first place.

The tasks are small jobs where they are often called “microjobs”. Tasks may be related to data including data mining, data sorting (or categorization), data tagging (or labeling), or data matching. Tasks may also involve sentiment analysis, event sequencing, transcription, content comparison, content evaluation, surveys, research studies, app/software testing, or more.


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How to Sign Up with Microworkers?

Joining Microworkers is free, and as an International site, anyone from any country can be a member.

Sign up:


Who are Workers?

Worker is a role on the Microworkers crowdsourcing website, and can be regarded as a freelancer. Anyone can sign up and become a Worker on Microworkers.

The Worker’s role is suitable for people who are a stay-at-home mom, or students who need extra pocket money to spend on commodities. You can become a Worker if you have certain skills, such as wed design, logo design, Facebook ad campaign management, video creation, or other skills, etc.

Even when you don’t have much skill, but still want to make some extra cash, you can still be on Microworkers as a freelancer. There are jobs that are offered by Employers that do not require too much skill upfront.

But as a Worker (or freelancer), you should always only accept jobs that you’re capable of or feel comfortable completing. You’re only going to get paid when you are able to complete the jobs.

Who are Employers?

Employer is a role on the Microworkers crowdsourcing platform. Anyone can be an Employer, once she has signed up with Microworkers.

If you have microjobs that you need freelancers to complete for you, Microworkers is the place that you can assign your microjobs to Workers (i.e. freelancers).

For example, you may have an online business, or video channel, or blog, or a social media account. At the same time you may need people to visit your channel or blog or social media account, and complete some small tasks. Microworkers is the right place to get thousands of people to complete the microjobs.

The small jobs that you require freelancers to help you with may include writing a simple comment on one of your blog articles, clicking the like button of one of your social media channels, etc.

Employer and Worker

Can you be a Worker and Employer at the same time? Yes.

Once you’re completed signing up on Microworkers, you are eligible to take jobs (or microjobs).

At the same time, if you have projects (or campaigns) that you need people to help you to work with, you can simply start a new Campaign and post the new job.

Some members on Microworkers are actively both workers and employers. They would take microjobs to make money. They will then spend the money that they have earned through Microworkers on paying other workers to complete the microjobs that they have posted.

Multiple Microworkers Accounts

You should not create multiple Microworkers accounts because that is against Microworkers’ guidelines.

In the case if you are caught having more than one account, all your accounts will be terminated, and your outstanding payments will no longer be available to you. You will also be banned from creating new accounts in the future.

You should avoid having more than one account at all time.

In the case where you may have lost your account login information, you should request to have your login information sent to your email address.

Is Microworkers Legit?

Microworkers is not a scam at all, and it is legitimate.

Examples of Microjobs

Here are some of the example microjobs that an employer may assign to freelancers (i.e. workers).

Write an article that is for a specific topic.

Write a review or a comment for a product in a forum or under a blog article.

Follow a social media account (i.e. Twitter) or an account on any other social sharing sites.

Write a blog post for a specific product.

Join a Facebook group, or like (or follow) a Facebook page, or post on a Facebook wall.

Place an image banner or add a link on the freelancer’s blog or website.

Publish or upload a video, or an PDF eBook.

Bookmark a website URL on StumbleUpon.

Sign up on a specific website with a specific affiliate ID URL.

Subscribe to a newsletter, or RSS feed.

Add a specific URL link to the freelancer’s forum signature link.

Download, install, sign up for, or test a mobile app.

Test a website, or something on a website.

Transcribe or translate an audio or a video.

Vote a specific person on an online contest.

Record or extract data from a specific website.

Best Practices with Microworkers

What are the best practices when doing work through Microworkers?

Freelancers should only accept jobs they are capable of finishing, and should never submit a false proof of job completion. If a freelancer is found to have submitted false proof, she will get a red flag. After 3 cases of red flags, the freelancer’s Microworkers account will be terminated.

Freelancers must maintain a temporary success rate of above 75% at all times. When a freelancer receives too many non-satisfied tasks as feedback from employers, her success rate will go down. Having low success rate will prevent the freelancer from taking any job for the next 30 days.

Any freelancer should only use one Microworkers account.

Here are what you should watch out for with more specific tasks involving PR campaigns or article campaigns.

For PR link campaigns, the PR link that has been promised, must exist or be valid for at least 1 year. Otherwise, the freelancer risks having her account terminated.

For article submission campaigns, the article must be original and unique. The article must not be a copy of another article that can be found on the internet. To ensure uniqueness of the article, you may check your article through copyscape.com

Freelancers should not try to directly contact employers using the proof box, or should not solicit the employers for tasks outside Microworkers.

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