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What is NamingForce?

Business Names Created Through Crowdsourcing in Contests.

NamingForce is a site that hosts naming contests where business names are created through crowdsourcing for clients (or business owners) who aren’t able to come up with suitable business names.


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What is a Namer? utilizes crowdsourcing i.e. The public. A namer is a person (or individual) in the public who participates in a naming contest that is hosted by NamingForce.

Namers are asked to create these types of names including business names, domain names (or website names), product names, taglines, etc.

Names are being created for startups and companies all over the world.

What is a Naming Score?

Each Namer on NamingForce is given a Naming Score. A namer’s rank is determined by this naming score. A higher naming score means the namer is higher up the rank among all namers on Naming Force.

Will a Naming Score Change?

A naming score isn’t a fixed number, and it does get updated from time to time.

How is a Naming Score calculated?

A Naming Score is calculated by the ratio / percentage of good names to bad names. The good or bad names are decided by the voting. The results of the voting is converted into a score i.e. The Naming Score.

This is how a Naming Score works on Naming Force.

A Naming Score is always calculated on a 30-day rolling measure which is based on the voting results.

As a namer, your naming score is recalculated and updated everyday.

For example, your naming score works on a 30-day rolling history. If on the 31 days ago you have received a few good votes for one of your names. This would have in favor to move up your Naming Score.

But when today is the 31st day, you would lose the good votes you have received 31 days ago in the calculation of your naming score.

To compensate for the lost of the good votes and maintain the high rating of your naming score, you will need to have a few new good votes coming in today.

There are other factors that would have affected tour naming score, including client-chosen names, or liked names.

What Makes a Naming Score Good or Bad?

There is a Naming Score system for each Namer with different levels (or ranks). Namers with different ranks get different features and different name submission limits.

Cadet Rank:

  • Naming Score of 0-24
  • A cadet may submit 2 names per contest.

Corporal Rank:

  • Naming Score of 25-69
  • Corporals may submit 4-8 names per contest.
  • Corporals are allowed to submit 2-4 duplicate name challenges per contest.
  • A corporal has the option to bomb (or skip) weak names during the voting process.
  • A corporal is allowed to communicate with the client through “the client chat” module.

Sergeant Rank:

  • Naming Score of over 70
  • A sergeant may submit 8-15 names per contest.
  • Sergeants are allowed to submit 4-8 duplicate name challenges per contest.
  • A sergeant is given the option to bomb (or skip) weak names during the voting process.
  • Sergeants are allowed to mark one name in each contest as a Favorite. A Favorite name is highlighted to the client.
  • Sergeants are given some tasks to approve duplicate challenges. Such tasks are only optional.

Your Rank may change on a daily basis, mainly due to your Naming Score updates.

NamingForce Voting – What is it for?

When a client or business owner receives a few hundred names that are suggested by namers, it is still difficult for the client to make a good decision.

Naming Force asks the crowd to vote among all the suggested names. This voting process allows the names to be ranked. NameForce is able to identify the best name or the few best names by weeding out all the weaker names.

This immediately makes lives much easier for the client where she now sees only a few names with the best potential.

Namers on Cadet rank are ineligible to vote. So technically, the names with the best potential have always been voted (or picked) by the best Namers.

NamingForce Contents – How Long Does a Contest Run?

When a client needs a name from NamingForce, she would start by funding a naming contest with monetary awards. This is where the first phase of the naming contest starts.

Contest – Phase 1

During the first 7 days of the naming contest, the namers would submit the names which they have come up with on NamingForce’s contest page.

When seeing the suggested names, the client may:

  • Favorite a specific name or a few specific names.
  • Reject a specific name or some specific names.
  • Chat with the namers about her preferences about the name.

Usually in the first 7 days of most contests, a client may receive more than 1,000 name suggestions.

Contest – Phase 2

Phase 2 would last for 3 days. During this phase, a market survey would be conducted where all the non-rejected names would be voted on.

The Namers would participate in blind ranking of the submitted names. They would have to vote on questions such as “Which name do you like better?”

Based on the voting patterns of the Namers, NamingForce’s algorithm would determines the best names.

For this phase, the client may choose to filter out some of the votes based on gender or age group.

Contest – Phase 3

The third phase would last for 7 days. In this phase of the contest, three clients are asked to choose a winner.

If a client ends up not pick a winner within these 7 days, the voting results would be used to decide a winner of the contest.

All clients who entered the contests have agreed to pay the award money whether they end up using the winner name(s) or not.

That’s why as Namers (who have created winner names), you are always going to get paid (the promised award).

How Are Winners Getting Paid?

Firstly, if your submitted name is chosen, you will be emailed.

Alternative, all contest winners are posted to NamingForce’s winners page, and are also posted to Twitter and Facebook.

Payments are sent through PayPal to the winners. One requirement before a winner gets paid is she must have filled out and signed the tax form. i.e. W9 for U.S. citizens or W8-Ben for non-U.S citizens.

Note that currently NamingForce only allows Namers who are based in the U.S. and Canada to participate.

Check Existing Domain Names

If you’re creating and submitting a name for a new domain name, please first check if the domain has already been registered. Clients may restrict name entries to only unregistered domain names and/or which specific domain extensions (i.e. .com, .org, .net, .cc).

Many domain name checkers are available. One such tool is the Shopify Name Generator.

Submit Unique Names

Unique names are always better than names that are highly similar to existing names.

You must not take advantage of a previous name. An example would be that if the name “Bravado” already exists, then do not try to submit “Bravadomania”, “The Bravado”, “Bravadoz”, “Bra Vado”, etc. They are the extension of another name. The other around would be that if “Bravadomania” already exists, then do not try submitting the shorten format such as “Bravad”, “Bravado”, etc.

Some clients may have “do-not-include” words. So don’t include these words in your name submission.

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