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Block Apps On iPhone & Android Phones

For parents, Netsanity provides parental control tools on devices of their children through AppBlocker, TimeBlocker, GameBlocker, CatBlocker, SiteBlocker, Youtube filtering, SafeSearch, Timeout, and more.

Netsanity ( can help parents to keep their family safe on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Samsung mobile devices.

The parental control tools can block over 70 apps/games and adult content, and let parents create custom blocking schedules.


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Netsanity Free Trial, Free Plan, or Premium Plan

To use Netsanity, you will have to signup, activate, and manage.

Free Plan

A free plan lets you use Netsanity with limited features two devices including:

  • Porn blocking
  • Secure VPN
  • Support to all web browsers
  • SafeSearch
  • Activity logs of the last 60 minutes

Premium Plan

The premium plan includes all the features that are available in the free plan and a few more features including:

  • All premium features
  • Block more than 70 apps and games
  • Fiter web content of over 40 categories
  • Protect up to 25 devices
  • Streaming media mode VPN
  • Timeout with 3 options
  • Full activity logs
  • Custom scheduling
  • Youtube filtering
  • SafeWifi
  • Disable camera
  • Disable fingerprint reader (on Apple iOS devices)
  • Prevent installation of apps
  • Whitelist and blacklist websites
  • Prevent taking of screenshots
  • Disable app stores
  • Notify parents of new app installation
  • Disable/block SMS texting or calls to/from contacts on Android Samsung

Free Trial

The free trial plan lets you use all the features of the premium plan for 14 days (free of charge).

You should first sign up with the free trial to test out Netsanity and decide whether it is suitable for your parental control requirements.

AppBlocker and GameBlocker

AppBlocker and GameBlocker in Netsanity’s premium plan allows you to block more than 70 apps and games including specific content in an app or game that you believe inappropriate for your children.

With a simple click (from remotely), the parent can quickly block all internet functionality from the app or game that is on Netsanity’s app/game blocking list.

When blocking a game/app, you won’t have to actually remove the game/app from your teen’s device.

You may let your child using Instagram. But you can limit occasionally limit its use through AppBlocker. For example to block Instagram, you can click the icon from any web browser, and Instagram will stop working.

For Apple iOS, blocking an app does not mean it is hidden from the device. Your child can still click to open a blocked app, but certain functions in the app are disabled.

There is a Profiled Blocked Apps List for Apple iOs (i.e. the default list) including apps such as Youtube, Netflix, Uber, and more:

For Apple iOS (such as iPhone, etc), you can:

  • Block using the Profiled Blocked Apps List.
  • Block only your manually selected apps.
  • Block specific functions in an app.

For an Android device (such as Samsung), the apps when clicked are disabled. You can block almost any installed app from the device tab view for an Android device (such as Samsung).

The blocking is done remotely. i.e. You do not have to be physically holding your child’s device. All should do it remotely through your parental dashboard (of Netsanity).


With Netsanity’s TimeBlocker, parents can:

  • Set flexible bedtimes for each of their kid.
  • Enable or disable their children’s internet access in one-hour increments.
  • Enforce homework time for kids.
  • Reward good behaviour by giving more screen time (when their children have completed homework and chores).

One of the best use with TimeBlocker is to block a kid’s after school time for using certain apps, so the kid can first focus on completing that day’s homework.

  • You may block one or a few hours during after school hours to restrict internet access and the use of games (and/or time wasting social media apps).
  • You may block the bedtime.
  • Blocked time can be configured to per one hour increments.

In an Apple iOS device, you can add a timeout option. This timeout option will hide apps or lock screen based on your specific configurations.


Parents can use CatBlocker to block content by category, such as adult pornography, or other categories that are not suitable for teens.

CatBlocker works on blocking all web browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, etc.


Parents can block a single website (or any websites individually) using SiteBlocker.

  • You can use SiteBlocker to whitelist websites to allow specific websites to be allowed.
  • You can add websites to blacklists so the websites will not be allowed.

When both the CatBlocker and SiteBlocker are applied a specific website, the SiteBlocker always has high priority. This means this specific website will be unblocked.

When you have blocked an entire category with CatBlocker, but within the category there is a website that you need to unblock, you can use SiteBlocker to unblock it.

When you have set a website to be always allowed in SiteBlocker, it will override all the configurations in the CatBlocker, TimeBlocker, and Timeout.


Netsanity’s Timeout can be applied to your choice of device type, and you can instantly disable internet on both iOS and Android devices.

On an Apple iOS device, timeout is available in three modes:

  • Disable Internet only.
  • Disable Internet and lock the screen.
  • Disable Internet and hide all third-party apps.

On an Android device (e.g. Samsung), only one timeout option is availble. When timeout is enabled, it applies to all:

  • Internet is disabled.
  • Third-party apps are disabled.
  • SMS is disabled.


When Netsanity’s SafeSearch is enabled, it will return child-friendly search results for text, images, and videos.

Safesearch works on all web browsers when your child performs any Google searches or Bing searches.

Youtube Filtering

When Youtube Filtering is enabled, it will start filtering inappropriate videos and comments, including searches for objectionable content, comments to videos, the videos, etc are filtered.

How to Monitor Content in a Blocked App?

Sometimes parents may ask if it is possible to access content in their children’s apps (through the use of Netsanity). For example, the child may have posted certain content on Snapchat.

The apps installed on your device or your child’s device are third-party apps, and Netsanity has no capability to access the content or extract the personal information inside such apps.

How to Block iMessages?

Netsanity does not block iMessages when you are using your iPhone device.

As a parent with a Macbook, you can manually disable iMessages on your child’s device when it is configured to “Supervised”. After this step, you should use Netsanity to wirelessly hide the iMessaging app.

A parent can use Netsanity’s Screenlock feature to disable all access (including iMessage) to a child’s device. You can apply the Timeblocker feature when disabling the access.

When you are using an iOS device, you can add the wifi-enabled iPhone/iPad device of your child to your iCloud account. This way, you will be able to see all the iMessages that are sent and received by your child.

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