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Best Niche Ideas

Everyone wants the Most Profitable Niche (with the lowest competition).

A Niche Idea (or Niche Market) is needed for anyone to start a business online.

What is a Niche Market?

A niche market (idea) is a specific subset of a larger market.

In the niche market, a customer’s specific problem or problems are identified.

An example of a market is the weight loss industry which is a very competitive industry and market. All the major big brands already have a part in the market share.

A niche market is a smaller sub-market under this weight loss industry where it has less competition than the top-level main industry.

Here are the Niche Marketing Examples with 2000+ Best Niche Ideas (in 2020).

You want a niche that you can make a profit, and it should be a long lasting profitable niche.

You should find the best niche market from the 2000+ niche ideas if you want to start your new online profitable business.


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Niche Market Examples

Let’s go through some Niche Market Examples.

Fitness and Health, Self Improvement, Online Dating, Money Making Online (or Growth of Wealth), Personal Finance, and Pet Care are six of the popular or main markets.

The sub markets under the top-level markets often are niche ideas suitable for niche markets.

Let’s look at the Self Improvement market and break down into different niches:

Confidence improvement – As an example, men need to build up their self confidence when wanting to meet and get a girlfriend.

Public speaking – An introvert person who needs to express his business or technical ideas to other people in a conference with over 100 people listening.

Stress management – A example is people with high blood pressure need to manage their stress level.

Language learning – White-collar persons who are to relocate (by their companies) and work in foreign countries. They must learn to speak the foreign languages of those countries e.g. Spanish, Chinese.

Let’s examine the most profitable niches.

Fitness and Health Niche

People spend money on losing weight and getting into shape, and are obsessed. You cannot go wrong with the fitness and health niche. The niche is a topic that has been evergreen for decades.

Technically speaking, fitness and health should be two niches, but in most affiliate areas they do overlap. In weight loss, there are always big potentials with many affiliate programs for affiliate marketing. Internet marketers, SEO experts, PPC campaign managers, and even social marketers all can easily get into the niche.

Many companies in the weight loss niche offer products helping affiliate marketers including diets, supplements, weight loss programs, exercise programs, herbal remedies, detoxing, medical marijuana, CBD oils, and more.

To make real money out of weight loss and fitness, marketers produce and offer self help books, fitness courses, and weight loss programs. The content form can be from PDF documents to videos.

Online Dating Niche

People do dating and social. Whether the relationship is for a guy looking for a girlfriend, for couples, or divorced people, online dating is always a niche market with big profitable potential.

The most profitable niches are often the ones that relate to people issues, and it does not matter when and where. People may be too busy with their day jobs and never spend enough time to meet other people who they fall in love.

That’s why online dating has worked and is still working.

Dating can be casual, or can be a primary goal for someone finding a love mate in life. When it comes to serious dating, internet marketers can sign up some online dating affiliate program and start blogging. The content often tends to be coaching and self help books in the dating and relationship topics.

Money Making Online Niche

When it comes to making money online (from the Internet), the opportunities are unlimited. That’s the upside.

The downside is that you need to know where (i.e. which websites or apps) and how you can earn the cash.

It may depend on overall knowledge or a special skill. For example, if you’re good at writing and can organically rank a website fast, you may consider blogging for the next several months.

At first, you may be tempted to sell other people’s products through some affiliate programs that may pay well. This seems logical because you could start right away and earn quickly.

But once you’re good at what you’ve been doing for a while, you should seriously launch your own product. Doing affiliate marketing for other people’s products definitely doesn’t maximize your profit.

Most of us do not have a special skill which we can use it to beat everyone else. This shouldn’t stop you from making money online. Survey Junkie (for online surveys), Earnably (for watching videos), SliceThePie (for writing reviews), Naming Force (for coming up with brand names), Picoworkers (for completing some daily tasks), Listverse (for making lists), Text Broker (for writing) are only some of the websites / apps that doesn’t require very specialized skills.

If you’re serious in the money making online niche, you should get the list of more than 200 websites where you can make money online from, and go through the list. Many of the websites in the list require minimal skills before you can start earning.

Personal Finance Niche

People need to manage their money or get money they need for important expenses. That’s when financial services such as personal loans, mortgage refinancing, credit scores, or debt relief are needed.

Seems only professionals with finance background can be good advisors or providers of such services. But as an Internet marketer, you should find the leads or prospects and connect them with the professionals.

Self Improvement Niche

Self improvement sometimes are known as self help.

People always need to improve themselves, and are willing to do that. That’s the reason self improvement is a large niche online.

Self improvement includes building self esteem, making career successful, setting daily goals and getting tasks completed. The self improvement products should be created around to these topics.

Learning a new language such as French may also be seen as acquiring a new skill for self improvement. Same to learning to swim, and many other skills.

Pet Care Niche

This falls under personal hobbies regarding pet care.

People love pets. People in many cases spend more on their lovely pets than on themselves. Hobbies, especially with anything to do with home pets, is a niche growing bigger year over year.

Common home pets include dogs and cats.

Dog training has a large market. For example, when a dog was still a puppy, people start training the dog to potty, obedience, security and some fancy tricks. Not all the pet owners are able to train their dogs, and they need guidance – An info product such as an eBook or a video course for dog training would be good. If it’s too much effort to create an info product, then simply go for selling someone else eBooks or video courses as an affiliate.

Other items related to pets may include gourmet dog food, pet toys, etc. Other services that can be provided such as dog strollers, cat leashes, etc.

Some people may prefer alternative pets such as pigs, parrots, snakes, etc. For these pets, specific training courses are required.

Find the Niche Market

The problem is that many websites (more than 50%) are trying to appeal to everyone and hoping anyone listening to them. These websites are too broad and too generic in terms of what they are covering.

The websites end up producing too much noise and offering too little value.

That’s why to find a niche, you need to drill down i.e. Get to the audience base of smaller size.

This allows you to compete with fewer direct competitors and reach your target (or niche) audience much quicker.

To find the niche market that you’re going to work on for the next few years, follow the 4-level approach.

Level 1 – Industry e.g. Self improvement

Level 2 – Market e.g. Confidence improvement

Level 3 – Person e.g. An introvert 25 year old male

Level 4 – Reason e.g. Want to get a girlfriend

Your online business needs to make money to survive in long term. But how to make money from the niche of your choice?

Passion gets people to spend money. An example is where people take part in a hobby that they love. Such hobby can be playing online games. Some gamers spend a lot of time addicted playing certain specific games online with friends and/or other gamers online.

To get a problem solved or achieve a goal, people spend money. A gamer’s goal may be to win the game or beat other gamers. Most online games (nowadays mostly played through mobile phones) are free. But for gamers who want to advance to higher levels and beat all other gamers in that same game, they would have to “purchase” upgrade items in the game.

People Issues

But really, How to Find a Niche Market?

One shortcut and quick way is to get The Complete List of More than 2000 Niches.

You must start with people’s issues that they want to solve. Here are some examples.

Let’s start with the body or being in a routine.

  • Lose weight.
  • Start doing exercise.
  • Wake up early, hopefully before 7 am.
  • Go for jogging every morning.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Start riding a bicycle to work.

Then these are for self-improvement.

  • Learn French, or a foreign language.
  • Learn to swim.
  • Learn Yoga.
  • Read a book.

Connect to the world.

  • Make a new friend.
  • Go out and make some new friends.
  • Find your long lost high school friends.
  • Get a girlfriend.

Okay, now let’s take it one notch up – The more difficult tasks that require your daily consistency.

  • Read 50 books this new.
  • Write a book.

If you don’t have enough items in this list, then use Google or Quora to find more.

Tools to Find Niches

No one can imagine all the possible niches, and would definitely need tools to help finding the right niche.

Tools let you dig deeper into understanding a specific niche and the problems people are facing and trying to solve within the niche.

You should build your solutions, training courses, video courses, eBooks, and more to solve the people’s problems.

Let’s start with the tools.


Simple do some searches on Google.

Google Related Searches

After you do a search, scroll down to the bottom of the search results page. Google reveals a list of keywords that are related to your search query.

Google Suggest

Similar to Related Searches, but the keyword ideas appear in the drop-down of Google’s search box. Enter a few words and Google Suggest will show the rest.

Google Trends

Enter a keyword and you’ll find out how popular the topic has been for the past months or years.

You can also compare a few topics and see their popularity trends.

Google Trends:

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is available in the Google Ads account. You can run keyword searches. For each keyword search, the tool returns a list of keyword suggestions.

Login to Google Ads (or AdWords) through:


Find out what the most trending topics on Twitter are.


You want to know what products people are looking for on eBay.

Trending on eBay:

Popular and trending deals on eBay:


The best sellers or trending products on Amazon can reveal what people are looking for and trying to solve.

Best sellers on Amazon (or the most popular items):

If you need the most recent update, such as data in the past 24 hours, take a look at “Amazon Movers & Shakers”. The products shown are the biggest gainers in sales rank over the past 24 hours, and they’re updated hourly.


Sign up a new Clickbank account (if you don’t have one).

Once you’ve verified your account, go to Marketplace.

Browse through the product categories, and choose a category.

Under a single category, you’ll see a list of products.

Now take your time to find out what the products are, who they are for, what problems they can solve.


Sign up a new account with Quora (if you don’t have one).

Make question searches in Quora’s search box.

You can follow topics on Quora that you’re interested.

Read what topics people usually ask. After half a day of doing that, you will get a good idea what problems people are facing and trying to solve.


Basically, if you’re into Internet marketing, you would visit Internet marketing forums. But if you’re into weight loss topics, you would probably go to weight loss / fitness forums.

Put the keywords into Google search, and find the forums.

In the forums, that’s where people ask questions and reveal the problems.

Niche Marketing Examples

Let’s start with the niche marketing examples.

Blogging with Travel Trailers and Campers

The CamperReport site ( is a blog that was started in 2017 by a guy who owns a Rockwood Travel Trailer. He uses the travel trailer for family camping. On his blog he shares what he’s learning from the travel trailer and hoping to help camper owners with their RV.

  • Main Channel: Google organic search
  • Secondary Channel: Youtube
  • Markets and Language: Markets where people speak English
  • Industry: Travel
  • Monetization: Ads and affiliate marketing

WeChat Groups And Web Analytics Course​

The second niche marketing example:

  • Main Channel: WeChat
  • Market: China
  • Language: Mandarin (and Simplified Chinese)
  • Industry: Internet Marketing and Web Analytics
  • Topics: Sharing Internet marketing related blogs and articles; Answering web analytics and data analytics tools related questions.
  • Monetization: Web Analytics Course

In this video, it explains how two WeChat groups with over 750 people were built for the Google Analytics Book.

The groups have become places where the WeChat group owner and moderators can market the Google Analytics Book and demonstrate their expertise in Internet Marketing, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and Web Analytics.

Go to video:

Youtube and Cantonese Football Analysis

The third niche marketing example:

  • Main Channel: Youtube
  • Market: Hong Kong
  • Language: Cantonese (Chinese)
  • Industry: Professional Football (or Soccer)
  • Topics: Football match analysis, including English Premier League post match reviews, and pre match analysis.
  • Monetization: Youtube Ads

This is a Youtube video channel managed by a single person who is passionate and talk about football strategies and football match analysis in Hong Kong Cantonese language.

The video also explains the methods for Youtube video marketing.

Set Up Your Website

Register a domain name and buy a web hosting for your website. You can do this through Godaddy, Hostgator, Siteground, etc.

Design a logo. You can design the logo. Or you can get a freelancer (or designer) to do it. Find a designer from, Fiverr, Envato Studio, etc.

You need a website. You can choose one of the many website builders including WordPress or Shopify.

If you are blogging about a specific product or multiple products in a niche and are earning through affiliate programs, you need a blog and may simple go for WordPress.

If you are to sell physical products, whether it is your own products or other suppliers’ products, you need to set up an ecommerce site with such as Shopify.

Website Marketing

Let’s break down marketing of your website into three actionable strategies:

Get Web Traffic

The first step is to know where to get visitors for your website. i.e. The traffic sources.

But you should first figure out how to get free traffic to your website. Find out more than 200 free traffic sources where you may get traffic for your new website.

Getting free traffic includes getting organic search traffic (i.e. SEO traffic). For websites (or pages) in certain niches or industries, Google has labeled them YMYL sites.

  • For YMYL pages to do well with Google’s organic search ranking, you must ensure your site has high quality content that is created by “experts” in the specific niche.
  • Ensure your site is optimized towards the Mobile SEO Best Practices.

List Building

Getting visitors onto your website isn’t enough. You need your visitors to take action.

For an eCommerce site, you want visitors to buy your products.

For a web application, you want users to sign up and use your web application.

Visitors don’t usually end up buying or signing up the first time they visit your website.

That’s why you need to capture your visitors’ emails and build an email list.

Find out 31 strategies to do list building.

Marketing Automation

Automate Your Marketing Campaigns – It may not be easy to get visitors onto your website in the first place.

The best strategy is to improve on how your website keeps the visitors.

By improving how your visitors interact and engage on your website, you’ll improve the conversion rate, reduce the bounce rate, and reduce the cart abandonment rate of your website.

Apply some of the 15 marketing automation strategies on your website to improve conversion rate and reduce cart abandonments.

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