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Shopify Spy to Find Best Selling Niche Products

Anyone can build a profitable dropshipping business with the right method and the right tools.

Finding the next profitable niche product has always been a big part of a dropshipping business.

But how to spy on Shopify stores and actually identify all the most recent profitable / best selling products in your niche?


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Mistake #1: Aliexpress Order Count

Many dropshippers still sort products on Aliexpress by Order Count, expecting to find the most popular and profitable products.

But that won’t work. The Aliexpress Order Count includes all orders in the last six months.

So what’s the problem?

The products with the most orders are nearly always the most over-sold and saturated products.

These products were already sold many times over by other dropshippers who have discovered those products before you did.

You may still try hard selling these over-sold products. But your profit margin won’t look good.

You actually need a long term and effective method to find the fastest growing product in the last one week (but not in the last six months).

You sell the 1-week “new” product (with very low competition), and you’ll surely be earning a lot more.

Mistake #2: Best Selling Products

To find the most profitable niche product, you can find out what products are working for other dropshippers with Shopify stores.

You can freely view most Shopify website’s best products.

You may think you’ve found an easy method, and you’re ready to copy what they’re selling.

But you can’t simply copy and test their products. Because the best selling products from only a few Shopify stores don’t tell you the big picture.

You need to find a trend to follow.

You need to gather the sold product data from thousands of Shopify stores in the same niche, and analyze this big data.

But most store owners can’t do complicated big data analysis. Even if you can manage the big data, it will take weeks before you can find the product trend, and by then it will all be too late.

Here is a great solution – This tool can give you the analyzed data that you need.

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Solution: Spy on Profitable Shopify Stores

Let’s repeat. For your dropshipping business to make maximum profit, you need to:

  • Find the fast growing niche product for the last one week.
  • Spy on other Shopify websites and find out what the best selling products of your niche are.

With this tool “Nichescraper”, it can help you do exactly that.

It takes less than 2 minutes to create an account and try the tool.

Get Nichescraper now:

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