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What Is Oberlo Chrome Extension?

If you do dropshipping, the Oberlo Chrome Extension (OCE) (or known as Aliexpress.com Product Importer) is a free tool that can help you dropship products from Aliexpress.com more efficiently.

The Oberlo Chrome Extension lets you:

  • Import products to your Shopify store directly from the Aliexpress.com website.
  • Process Aliexpress product orders quicker than doing it manually. i.e. Place orders and fulfill orders.
  • Synchronize the information of your orders between Aliexpress and your Shopify store.
  • Sort products by the preferred shipping option on the Aliexpress.com website.

This article will go through these topics:

An alternative tool is Nichescraper, a Shopify product spy tool.

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How to Add Oberlo Chrome Extension

To add the Oberlo Chrome Extension to your Chrome web browser, follow the steps.

Open your Chrome web browser.

Go to the Oberlo Chrome Extension installation page. Install OCE:


Click the “Add to Chrome” button.

When the installation completes, the Oberlo Chrome Extension icon will appear at the top right corner of your browser.

Import Products to Shopify from Aliexpress

The Oberlo Chrome Extension helps you to automate the import of products.

It lets you import products to your Shopify store directly from the Aliexpress.com website.

To import Products, first go to the AliExpress.com website.

You can find products with the category filter on the left side, or you can enter a product keyword in the search tool.

Now you should be looking at a product listing for the category you’ve browsed, or the keyword that you’ve searched.

Move your mouse on a product image where the Oberlo icon will appear.

If you click one of the products, you’ll be taken to the specific product page. On the product page, the Oberlo icon will also show up.

However, on the supplier store page, the Oberlo icon won’t show up, and therefore you won’t be able to import products from a supplier store page.

The Oberlo icon only works on the specific product page and the product listing page. On of these pages, click the Oberlo icon to add the product to the Import List.

Log onto your Shopify store’s account. Go to Oberlo. While in Oberlo, go to the Import List.

Now you should customize the information of your products. The customization includes:

  • Product titles, collections, types, and tags
  • Product descriptions
  • Product variants (e.g. SKU, colors, prices)
  • Product images

When you’re happy with the information of the products, click the “Import to Store” button. Now the products should appear in your Shopify store.

Place and Fulfill a Product Order on Aliexpress

When a customer purchases a product from your Shopify store, you’ll need to place an order and purchase the product from the Aliexpress supplier.

Before placing a product order, log onto your Aliexpress account. If you don’t have an account, create a new one.

Don’t place an order as a guest. You want to be able to track your placed orders, and you must log into your Aliexpress account to do that.

Make sure your Aliexpress shopping cart is empty before placing the order.

To place the order, go to the Oberlo Orders page, and click the Order Product button.


You’ll be taken to the Aliexpress.com website.

Oberlo will automatically add the product item and shipping information to Aliexpress.

Choose the preferred shipping method such as Aliexpress Standard Shipping.

Select “Other payment methods” and click “Confirm & Pay”.

Enter your credit card details and click “Pay Now” to complete the purchase.

You can place multiple orders all under one payment transaction. To do that, click the “Cancel payment and return to AliExpress” link.

You should go back to Oberlo and place orders for all other products.

In Aliexpress, go to the “Awaiting payment” section and click the “Pay for all orders” button.

Enter your credit card details to complete the purchase.

In Aliexpress, go to My Orders, All Orders. Click one of the three buttons: “Send Details”, “Sync this page” or “Sync all orders”. This will import the tracking code of the order from AliExpress to your Shopify/Oberlo account.

Now the status of your order should be marked as fulfilled in Shopify/Oberlo.

Sort Products on AliExpress with OCE

You can sort products using the Oberlo Chrome Extension.

Enter a product keyword in the search tool or go to a product category page.

Click the Oberlo icon at the top right corner of your Chrome browser. This will open the Oberlo Chrome Extension settings panel.


On the panel, make sure Show Shipping Info is enabled.

“Option” lets you choose the preferred shipping method. For example, when you’re selling to the United States, the most popular shipping method is ePacket which is fast and inexpensive (or sometimes free) for the U.S.

“Country” specifies the country you are going to ship products. You should check if your preferred shipping method is available for the specific country.

“Currency” is available in EUR, GBP, and USD. You can see the shipping fee in the specific currency.

When “Hide items without this option” is turned on, Oberlo hides products from the AliExpress page that don’t have your chosen shipping option available.

The processing time is usually between 3 to 10 days, and it is the time period in which the seller receives, process, collects, and passes the order to the parcel shipment. “Show Processing Time” simply does what it says.

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