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What is Psycho Gundam?

Psycho Gundam (MRX-009) is a mobile armour that can be transformed into a giant mobile suit (or robot) for combat (or heavy assault).

First appeared in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam anime series of Universal Century (UC), Psycho Gundam was piloted by Four Murasame.

The black super large size mobile suit / mobile armour Psycho Gundam was developed by Murasame Newtype Lab of Earth Federation Forces, and can only be piloted by New Type humans.

As a high grade model kit, Psycho Gundam is the largest HG 1/144 scale Gunpla.

The majority of the body of Psycho Gundam is in black and is complemented by small areas of yellow, red and grey.

Let’s review the Psycho Gundam high grade (HG) 1/144 Gunpla model kit.

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Psycho Gundam HG 1/144 Specifications

Specifications of the model kit:

  • Height: 30cm (standing as mobile suit)
  • Main colours: Black (head, body, arms and legs)
  • All 10 fingers (which are beam cannon fingers) within the two hands of Psycho Gundam can all be individually articulated.
  • Full transformation from mobile suit to mobile armour (i.e. mobile fortress mode), and vice versa.

Multiple views of Psycho Gundam MRX-009 HG 1/144 Model Kit:


Front side when carrying the shield:


Back side of Psycho Gundam:

I’ve managed to build the Psycho Gundam HG without using colour stickers except the sticker for the eyes.

Mobile Fortress Mode vs Mobile Suit Forms

Psycho Gundam has two forms:

  • Mobile Armour
  • Mobile Suit

Mobile Armour

When in the mobile fortress mode (i.e. mobile armour), Psycho Gundam is capable of atmospheric flight due to the Minovsky Craft System that has been installed on it.

Mobile Suit

When it is transformed into mobile suit mode and is standing, Psycho Gundam is more than twice taller than most other HG 1/144 scale mobile suits.

In Zeta Gundam animated series, Psycho Gundam has encountered and battled Gundam Mk2 several times.

I’ve placed the high grade (HC) scale Gundam Mk2 and Psycho Gundam side by side for height and size comparison.


In Zeta Gundam anime series, Psycho Gundam’s mobile suit form is at 40m tall.

Psycho Gundam Armanents

Psycho Gundam is equipped with several powerful weapons (or armaments):

  • Beam cannons on the fingers (x10)
  • Small mega beam cannons on the forehead (x2)
  • Diffuse mega particle cannons (x3)
  • Mega shield (x1)

Beam cannons on the fingers (x10)

Psycho Gundam’s ten fingers are all capable of firing beam attack and causing serious damage to enemy mobile suits.

These finger beam cannons were also seen from mobile suit Zeong (MSN-02).

Small mega beam cannons on the forehead (x2)

On the v-fin of Psycho Gundam’s head, you’ll find two small mega beam cannons which can fire bean attack towards enemy mobile suits.

Diffuse mega particle cannons (x3)

The three diffuse mega particle cannons are iconic and the most powerful armaments that are installed on Psycho Gundam. The cannons are visible from the front side of the mobile sult’s abdomen.

Mega shield (x1)

Psycho Gundam is equipped with a mega shield. The shield’s main use is to protect against from ballistic attack and/or beam cannons.

In mobile suit mode, the shield can be attached to one of the arms.

When transformed into mobile armour (i.e. mobile fortress mode), the shield splits into two halves and are moved to two sides.

Psycho Gundam’s Technologies

The concept of Psycho Gundam has been inherited from Zeong (MSN-02) which is a antagonist mobile armour/suit appeared in the first Mobile Suit Gundam animated series.

Psycho Gundam operates mainly through technologies including:

  • Psycommu System
  • Psycho Control System
  • Minovsky Craft System

Psycommu System

Psycommu System is a piloting technology that was designed to be used by Cyber Newtype humans, and has been installed on Psycho Gundam.

Psycommu System allows Four Murasame (a Newtype) to remotely controlled the movements of Psycho Gundam through brain waves (or thoughts) when she wasn’t even in the cockpit.

However, any non Newtype (such as a normal human person) shouldn’t pilot Psycho Gundam. Psycommu System (installed on Psycho Gundam) is way to much to be handled by a human, and will highly likely to cause fatal psychological burden to any human pilot.

The Psycommu System connects directly into the Cyber Newtype pilot’s thoughts. How Psycommu System works is, it passively scans the Cyber Newtype person’s brain waves. The brain waves are amplified and sent as brainwave signals across distances. The brain waves are decoded into machine codes when it is received by mobile suit or mobile armour (in this case Psycho Gundam). The brain waves are not affected by the radio interference property of Minovsky particles.

Through Psycommu System, the Newtype pilot can control the mobile suit or mobile armour remotely from distance through his/her mind’s thoughts and brainwaves.

Another common use of Psycommu System in other Gundam anime series is to control the movements of bits and funnels of mobile suits in battles. Because of Psycommu System, a mobile suit is able to considerably improve its attacking and/or defensive capabilities in long range battles.

Psycho Control System

Psycho Control System has been installed in Psycho Gundam’s unit 2 which allows Cyber Newtype pilot Four Murasame to remotely control Psycho Gundam through the Psycommu System.

Minovsky Craft System

Minovsky Craft System enables Psycho Gundam, while in its mobile fortress mode (i.e. Mobile Armour), to maintain flight mobility.

Psycho Gundam’s Main Pilot

Four Murasame was the first pilot to operate Psycho Gundam in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam animated series.

Mecha Variations: Psycho Gundam Mk2 (MRX-010)

A new variation of Psycho Gundam was created after Psycho Gundam MRX-009 was destroyed – Psycho Gundam Mk2 (Mk-II) MRX-010 was researched and created the Murasame Newtype Lab.

Psycho Gundam Mk2 MRX-010 was said to be more advanced and powerful than its predecessor Psycho Gundam MRX-009.

Building Psycho Gundam Model Kit HG

Is it a fun build?

The build of the HG MRX-009 is simple and straightforward.

When finishing the build of Psycho Gundam, you will find yourself holding a mega size mobile suit (or mecha/robot) with much satisfaction.

You can even re-construct the scene in Zeta Gundam anime series where Psycho Gundam (piloted by Four Murasame) was fighting against and crushing Gundam Mk2 (piloted by Kamille Bidan).

When placing on your shelf for display as a Gunpla model kit, Psycho Gundam will definitely stand out from all the HG and RG model kits.

I found Psycho Gundam HG an absolutely fun build!

Where to Buy Psycho Gundam MRX-009 HG 1/144 Model Kit?

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