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How To Register A New Baidu Account

Register a Baidu account if you are to use:

Baidu Webmaster Tool (Zhanzhang) – Chinese SEO professionals and webmasters always need Baidu’s Webmaster Tool accounts to:

  • Submit website URLs to Baidu.
  • Monitor baiduspider crawl errors.
  • Check the number of web pages in Baidu’s index.
  • View clicks and impressions of organic search keywords from Baidu.

Baidu Zhidao (aka Baidu Answers) – Post questions and provide answers in Baidu Zhidao (

Baidu Pan (i.e. Baidu’s cloud drive, – Upload files to your online drive or share files with other users.

With a registered Baidu account, you can login and access many more Baidu services.

However, this Baidu account cannot be used to login or manage Baidu PPC. Baidu PPC account is a different account type, and you will have to contact Baidu’s office to create it.

How to Register a Baidu Account?

I will show you two methods to sign up for a new Baidu account. You must have a China mobile number to complete the registration.

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Register New Baidu Account

To register a new Baidu account, go to (while on your desktop computer):

Baidu registration method 1


  • Allows English or Chinese.
  • Maximum length allow is 7 Chinese charaters or 14 English letters.
  • Once created, the username cannot be changed.

Mobile Number

  • Enter a China mobile number which is 11 numbers in length.


  • The password must be from 6 to 14 characters in length.
  • Allows numbers, English letters (in capital letters or lowercase), and symbols.
  • No space is allowed.

Activation Code

  • After entering username, China mobile number and password, click on the “Receive Activation code through SMS” button.
  • You will receive an activation code on your mobile number. Enter this activation code in the fourth field of the registration form.

Click the “Check” box to accept the terms and privacy policy.

Now click the “Register” button.

Register through Baidu App and QR Code

Go through the following steps with your mobile phone while your sim card with your China mobile number is in your phone.

Only a China mobile number is allowed for Baidu’s new account sign up.

1. Download the Baidu app onto your mobile phone.

2. Open this Baidu app, click on the in-app camera button.

3. Click to open the in-app scanner.

4. Now you will have the scanner.

mobile scan qr code to sign up

5. Scan this QR code.

Baidu registration method 2

Send your password as a SMS to the number in the screenshot below.

Now you’ve completed your new Baidu account’s registration.

How to Register a Baidu Account Without a China Mobile Number?

Unfortunately without a China mobile phone number, it will not be possible to create a new Baidu account.

How to Register a Baidu Account Outside China?

Unfortunately if you reside outside of China, creating a new Baidu account will be difficult for you (but not impossible).

You may have to ask a friend who lives in Mainland China to buy you a local mobile number. With your friend’s help you will be able to sign up for your new Baidu account.

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