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Best Screen Recorder On Google Chrome: Screencastify

Google Chrome Screen Recorder Extension can be used to record videos for free.

With Screencastify, you can record videos from your Google Chrome browser tab, or desktop screen of your computer. You can record yourself with a webcam connected to your computer.

You can save your recorded videos in multiple file formats including *webm or MP4, and you can export the video files directly to Google Drive, Youtube, as a HTML web page, or as a shareable QR code.

The Screencastify extension is available as a Google Chrome web browser extension, and has free and limited versions.

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Screencastify Free Screen Recorder

Download the free version of Screencastify Extension:

The free Screencastify lets you record videos of up to 5 minutes each, and includes all the recording features that are available in the unlimited version.

With Screencastify extension free version, you may:

  • Record videos in HD resolution.
  • Add annotations to your videos.
  • Get no watermark in your videos.
  • Trim your videos.

Record a Video (with Screencastify Extension)

You can record a video with one of the 3 options.

Record Your Google Chrome Browser Tab

Log in to your Google account before starting to record your video. This way, you will be able to save your recorded video in Google Drive.


Select Browser Tab to record the active web browser tab on Google Chrome. Screencastify will start the countdown from 5 to 1, and the recording will begin.


When you have finished recording, click the Stop button (i.e. red button) to stop the recording.


The Screencastify extension will start replaying your recorded video (that is saved in Google Drive) in Google Chrome.

Record Your Computer Desktop

With the Desktop recording option, you must select a visual area for your recording.


Select Desktop to record:

  • Your entire screen: All the application windows on your screen will be recorded.
  • Your application window: You can record a specific program (such as Excel, PowerPoint, etc) by selecting application window.

Record Videos with Web Cam

You will have to enable your webcam before recording.

Save or Export Your Recorded Videos

After recording a new video, you may save or share it.


  • Save video to Google Drive.
  • Share video to Classroom.
  • Publish video on Youtube.
  • Get embeded code (so you can publish the video on any HTML web page).
  • Send the shareable link of the video via Gmail.
  • Generate QR code of the shareable link of the video.


You can download the video as a *.webm extension file, MP4 file, or animated GIF.

Upgrade to Screencastify Unlimited Version

The unlimited version of Screencastify costs US$ 49 per person per year.

When you buy a license for the unlimited version, you are assigning your Google account (or Gmail) to this specific Screencastify purchase.

You may record videos from any computer or device, and you may switch as many devices as you want.

When you are on a different computer, you are required to log in to the same Google account (when you made the purchase) so you are allowed to use the features in the unlimited version.

A few video editing features are only available after purchasing and upgrading to the unlimited version.

The unlimited version enables you to:

  • Record videos of unlimited recording length per video.
  • Crop your recordings.
  • Add text to your recordings.
  • Merge videos.
  • Reorder multiple video clips.

Create Videos for Content Marketing

Video has become an irreplaceable content marketing medium in local marketing.

When making a video, you may actual shot with a digital camera.

But when you are to create a video tutorial or an online video class/course on a subject/topic, you may use a screen recorder such as Screencastify to capture/record your demonstration in your screen.

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