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Shopify Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform which allows small business owners to quickly build and launch their own online shopping stores.

Is Shopify a good platform in UK?

Shopify is convenient and quick for starting an online store in UK, with an user-friendly interface.

To start, you can choose a website theme (from among many free themes and some paid themes). From your chosen Shopify theme, you can quickly create the following pages for your new shopping store (or rather I would say, just fill in the information onto these pages):

  • Product page – The page to display each individual product
  • Collection page – To display a list of your products in summary
  • Home page – You can display products, featured products, contact information, or any other information
  • Information page – Includes return policy, delivery policy, terms and conditions, etc.

Shopify provides already-made shopping cart and check-out pages for UK businesses to immediately start selling and taking payments from customers.

With a few clicks, you can enable/add payment methods including PayPal, all major credit cards, and others to your store’s check-out.

Is Shopify same as Amazon?

The major differences between Shopify and Amazon are:

  • Shopify specializes as an eCommerce platform, but Amazon is an online marketplace.
  • Shopify provides the hardware (i.e. web servers and services) and software (i.e. tools or apps) for you to build your own online shopping store, but Amazon lets you sell through the marketplace where other online sellers (who are selling the exact same products you’re selling) are also selling alongside.