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What Is SliceThePie?

SliceThePie Review: SliceThePie is a paid review website. Watch videos and earn cash.

SliceThePie ( is a paid review website. You can earn money by becoming a reviewer and writing reviews on SliceThePie.

To understand what SliceThePie is, let’s go through a bit of the history and present.

Slicethepie was first launched in 2007 and started as a website where people identified the best up and coming music artists.

Users on SliceThePie has been asked to provide reviews on music record labels mainly in the United States, and individual music artists. The review work provided by users is all on demand basis.

The website has evolved over the years. In 2015, new review categories have been added to the mix. They are fashion, mobile phone accessories.

So far, SliceThePie has been a fun place for users (or reviewers) who love what they do everyday. As a result of all the reviews have helped the music industry.

The 2 million reviewers have been providing real-time insights and feedback to many music executives, designers, buyers, and merchandisers who work at small, medium or large companies, or who work individually.

To compensate the reviewers, SliceThePie pays real money through PayPal to them for every review they’ve submitted.


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Why Are the Reviews Important?

The reveiws that SliceThePie received help people (i.e. executives, designers, buyers, and merchandisers) make decisions for how they will manage or grow their businesses.

Is SliceThePie Legit?

Everyone can sign up and become a reviewer. Is SliceThePie a scam?

It’s not a scam.

SliceThePie is perfectly legitimate. It’s legitimate for users (or reviewers) to earn cash by providing on-demand reviews to SliceThePie.

How to Make Money on SliceThePie?

Getting started to make money is simple. You become a reviewer!

You start writing reviews on new songs, fashion items, accessories or commercials. Usually the reviews you’ll write are for songs, fashion items, accessories or commercials before they are released to the public.

The reviews are distributed to artists and fashion designers as feedback to their “products”.

With the information in the reviews, the music executives, artists, or fashion designers will know exactly what “products” to put forward for radio placement or other designer show opportunities.

So do you get it? It’s when your well-written review helps the artists, you’ll make money from it.

How to Sign Up with SliceThePie?

If you are new and haven’t used SliceThePie before, sign up a new account:

Once you’ve completed the registration process, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Look for a link in the email, and click the link to confirm your new account. Now you’ll have a new account.

If you think you haven’t received this confirmation email, check your Spam folder. Make sure you add SliceThePie to your list of trusted senders, so next time you’ll receive important emails from SliceThePie.

Start Your Review

The first time you use your SliceThePie account, you’ll be asked to select the category you’re going to write reviews.

For example, you’ve chosen the music category. Now hit the play button and start listening to a music track.

Next you can write your review, or comment on what you like/dislike. In your review, make sure you write very specifically for the track you’re listening (or watching) including vocals, instrumental, rhythm, or production.

After listening to the track, rate it from 1 to 10 and submit.

Another example is that if you’ve picked to review fashion. First take a good look at the images and information of the product. Comment on the design, material, or more. Tell people if you’re going to buy it. Rate the product from 1 to 10. Now you can submit your review.

Review by rating and submitting for a few more items. When you’re done with the day, take a break and come back the next day.

On the next day when you come back to SliceThePie, sign in at the login page (with the login name and password when you registered):

How Much Money Can You Make on SliceThePie?

How much does SliceThePie Pay? Or based on what do you get paid?

You earn money per review. It’s based on your Star Rating and the quality of your review.

How to Earn More Money on SliceThePie?

All reviewers want to get paid more!

What you must do when writing and submitting review is that the review must be detailed, varied, and constructive. It’s very important that your review must be in well-written English.

The thing is: The better your reviews are written, the more money or bigger bonus payment you will get.

What’s the 5-star?

It’s about the pay rate which is represented by stars. For example, 5 stars.

“Stars” is a measure of the quality of your reviews, and “5 stars” means high quality.

How to Get 5 stars?

The quality is relative, and is compared with all other reviewers. The more Stars you have, the more money you’ll earn. That’s why it’s about pay rate.

The important thing is to get to 5 stars – But how do you get more stars on SliceThePie?

That’s why you have to write quality reviews, not so-so reviews.

Refer A Friend

Another method to get paid from SliceThePie is to refer your friends to open new accounts at SliceThePie.

Follow the steps below.

Share your “refer a friend” link or code. The link is a personal URL that is for you.

Your friend who receives this link then clicks on the link.

The friend arrives at the SliceThePie website and sign up a new account.

Now you wait for your commission money to show up.

Remember you can invite as many friends as you can. The more friends you invite, the better chance you get paid more.

Go to the “Refer a Friend” page and you’ll see a number that represents the number of friends you’ve successfully referred.

How to Get Paid and Withdraw Your Earning?

In simple words, through PayPal. The minimum withdrawal through PayPal is US$10.

To withdraw your earning, go into your SliceThePie account’s “Balance” and enter your date of birth.

Usually it may take 5 working days to process your requested payment.

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