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What is Textbroker?

Textbroker Review – Writers Get Paid by Writing Articles for Clients.

Textbroker is a website where writers / authors can get paid writing articles that clients have requested.


It’s not only articles. Whether a client needs a blog post, a product’s description, or all the text content of a marketing campaign, Textbroker can connect the client to one or more suitable and verified writers.

Basically on Textbroker (Textbroker.com), clients can have custom writing jobs or projects fulfilled by writers.

The Textbroker platform (or marketplace) is set up to save clients’ time by not having them to actively look for qualified writers for copywriting projects.

To ensure the copywriting jobs are delivered with the highest quality, writers on Textbrokers are United Stated based and have their copywriting quality (or ability) evaluated.


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Is Textbroker Legit?

Textbroker is legitimate, and isn’t a scam.

Since 2005, Textbroker has been a platform for writers and clients, where writers have delivered over 100,000 custom content to clients.

The writers on Textbroker are registered and verified.

The clients on Textbroker include publicly traded corporations, small business owners, eCommerce sites, publishing houses, online communities / forums, and social media groups.

Register as an Author / Writer

On Textbroker, you can register as a writer / author or a client.

If your objective is to write content for someone or some companies and earn money, then your role will be an author / writer.

What’s Textbroker’s Process for becoming an Author / Writer?

Registering is free, but before writing for Textbroker, it has a process to evaluate authors / writers.

Below are the steps:

Step 1: Register and verify your United States (US) citizenship

You must be a US citizen to be accepted as an author.

Step 2: Submit a sample of your writing – The Signup Article

What’s a Signup Article?

You must demonstrate you’re capable to write at professional level. That’s a signup article.

Here is the direction for any acceptable Textbroker writing sample / example.

  • You should choose a topic to write as a sample.
  • It’s best you choose a topic that you are familiar with or have experience with. This will make it a lot easier for you to write your best high quality copywriting.
  • A writing example is that you may submit a travel journal / report, or something that may be a blog article.
  • Your article must have at least 200 words in order to get a fair evaluation.
  • Even if an article that you’ve previously published somewhere online or on some blogs, you may still submit it for evaluation, as long as it is your own copywriting work.
  • When you submit your signup article, it is important to make sure your content is error-free.

Step 3: Rating

Your writing will be rated, and you will get your rating.

Textbroker’s editors would evaluate your signup article and rate your submitted content from 2 to 5 stars.

The editors rate all the content based on factors including spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure, style, readability, and order compliance.

Some rating criteria as examples:

  • Spelling – Frequency of misspellings, typos, missing words and repeated words.
  • Grammar – Syntax, agreement, and possessives.
  • Punctuation – Frequency of comma, colon, and semicolon errors. Overuse of dashes, parentheses, ellipses, and exclamation points.
  • Style – Frequency of awkward phrasing, choppy sentences, and lack of flow.
  • Argument strength and filler: Frequency of off-topic, irrelevant, or unnecessary information.

Step 4: Author Profile

Complete your personal author profile on Textbroker.

After going through all the above steps, you’re now good to start writing.

Writers / Authors on Textbroker – How to Get Writing Jobs / Projects?

Have you only started your writer career not long ago? Or are you an experienced professional author?

Most of the writing opportunities that are available on Textbroker will fit any writer’s preference.

Making money for writing content is important. But writers will have to choose what they want to write for, and the capacity they’re able to deliver.

Writers have different options on jobs / projects:

Open order: Writers who want to have flexible work hours / schedules will find OpenOrders more suitable.

Direct order: With DirectOrders, clients would send projects directly to a writer’s inbox. The offers (or projects) that are sent would be based on the information in the writer’s personal author profile, or successful projects that the writer has completed in the past.

As a writer with DirectOrders, you should set your own price per word. Your price per word isn’t based on your quality rating.

If you’re a writer who prefers receiving orders / projects regularly and exclusively from certain specific clients, DirectOrders will be the best option for you.

Team order: With TeamOrders, a writer may join many teams, and there is no limitation on how many teams a writer may join. This means if you’re a writer who prefers working with a specific client or only some specific clients, you’re well-suited to TeamOrders.

However, the price per word will be set by the client (of the project).

How does Textbroker Pay?

We all want to know how Textbroker pays the writers.

For example as a writer who works mainly with OpenOrders, you’ll be paid according to your star rating. Assume you’re a 4-star author with Textbroker, on average you’ll be paid 1.4 cents per word.

Based on the quality of your written content, Textbroker’s editors have the rights to evaluate work and rate you between 2 and 5 stars. The quality evaluation is a continuous process. This means you’re eligible to get your star rating increased at any time, and you’ll be paid with more dollar per word. i.e. Increased in earning.

You can get paid through your PayPal account. You can request a payoff once per week when your Textbroker balance is over $10.

Note that you’re responsible for any or all taxes on your income based on your country’s tax regulation.

Things You Must Know Before Working through Textbroker

Through Textbroker’s platform, as a writer you can work at home and write for clients who have copywriting requirements occasionally or regularly as long as your copywriting quality can meet their demand.

Registration at Textbroker is simple. However to ensure the highest quality of copywriting for clients’ projects, you’ll be evaluated for your writing skills.

Depending on how often you prefer to work, you choose the type of projects (or orders) you can deliver: OpenOrders, DirectOders, and TeamOrders.

As soon as your Textbroker balance gets to $10 or more, you can request a payment to your PayPal account once a week.

You’ll have to keep up with your content quality. Textbroker’s editors regularly evaluate work that are delivered by writers.

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