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What is WAW China?

Web Analytics Wednesday China (a.k.a. WAW China), a non-profit organization which aims to share Web Analytics & Internet marketing knowledge & experience with the local public.

Local conferences have been hosted in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou & Shenzhen.

Internet Marketing & Web Analytics topics from multiple authors (and volunteers) are shared through WAW China’s official website: www.chinawaw.org

The same content can be found on WAW China’s official WeChat account (Account ID: chinawaw).


Gordon Choi speaks at WAW Bejing (April 2015)

WAW China Beijing April 2015 (Gordon Choi)

Gordon Choi speaks at WAW Hangzhou (April 2016)

WAW China Hangzhou 2016 (Gordon Choi)

Gordon Choi speaks at WAW Shanghai (July 2015)

WAW China Shanghai July 2015 (Gordon Choi)

Jean Ou Speaks at WAW Shanghai (July 2015)

WAW Shanghai July 2015 (Jean Ou)

Gift Presentation at WAW Shanghai (March 2015)

(Gift Presented) WAW Shanghai March 2015

Panel Discussion at WAW Shanghai (October 2015)

(Discussion Panel) WAW Shanghai October 2015

Discussion at Coffee Break

(Coffee Break Discussion) WAW Shanghai October 2015

Audience Asking Questions

(Audience Asked Questions) WAW Shanghai October 2015

Audience at WAW Beijing (April 2015)

(Audience) WAW Beijing April 2015

Audience Taking Notes

(Taking Notes) WAW Shanghai October 2015

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WAW China Banners

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